January 24, 2009


well, here we are ... it's saturday aka my first day of my 6 week long freedom,
i promise to keep you updated on what i am doing on my time off, although i might keep you a little too updated since i'll probably be quite bored after a while.

my cute boyfriend is here for the weekend (lucky me!) last night we headed downtown to comedy bar to see jordan's improv show, and it was amazzzzing as usual. super funny, such a great time. plus ; i got to see sweet friends that i don't get to see nearrrly enough (fab, peter, jordan, mikie etc)

one of my (many many many) resolutions for 2009 was to read more. & once i saw the preview for the "confessions of a shopaholic" movie, i decided i just have to read the book first. i was never really interested before, but i read it in about 2 days and i loved it so much, i already got the next one from the library and am reading it now!

my first week off will be pretty fun i think, it will be nice and relaxing for now because i'll have lots to do. monday i am doing to a belly dancing class with my bff carly, tuesday i have a ringette game, and thursday night i am going downtown for richie's birthday. also - i think i might start watching entorauge because i borrowed it from pete.

something else i plan to do ;;

scrapbook! scrapbook! scrapbook! :D

& tonight is one of my FAVOURITE nights of the year.... NHL SKILLS COMP! siiiiiick.


i found these cupcakes quite a while ago now but thought they were absolutely precious! they just make me happy. i love the colours and i like anything that has a little smile on it. hehehe, i will hopefully try and make something kindof like this someday. they are just too cute, eh?

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  1. ooooh cutest cupcakes. i think they're made with fondant, smoother icing and DELICIOUS!

    you're coming to richys bday for suuure? EEEEEEEE :D super stoked we get to hang ♥ i miss yooou!

    i wish i could be scrapbooking and being crafty for six weeks. jealous!!


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