January 11, 2009

i want to tell you, my head is filled with things to say.

hello sunday,

i had a good weekend, although i feel like it involved a lot of hussle and bussle, and not much maxin and relaxin.

first off, let me begin with the bad part of my weekend ;

well last thursday i realized i left my new trendy purple polka-dotted water bottle at the gym (which is also my work). i didn't worry much, because i figured i would just pick it up the following day. it wasn't there. someone stole my water bottle (seriously shady move). the next day, i realized i hadn't seen my ipod since then either - stupid move, i know.

so, needless to say... i left my ipod and my water bottle in the women's change room, and someone stole it.
so not only am i upset that i lost both of those things, but i am more upset that a person could do such a thing. who steals things from nice people? (i mean, i am pretty nice) i was so upset for some reason, i know it's not the end of the world, but it's still really mean. i would never ever keep an ipod or anything for that matter if i found it.

so, i decided i am going to make an extremely cute and crafty sign to hang in the women's change room, explaining about my lost items, and if someone doesn't have the heart to return them, then i hope they atleast read it and feel really really really bad about stealing them. ugh, jerks.

in other news -

after i got over that and realized there is more to life than material items (although i really love my cute hello kitty themed ipod), i got to work for my extremely creative and crafty weekend of childen's birthday parties.

i made a scrapbook for my bestfriend's daughters 1st birthday, and it turned out realllllly cute. i also made cupcakes for my cousin's birthday on saturday, and katie's on sunday. they were a huge hit at both parties. i am really loving the new pink & purple icing i was using, totally deliciously cute.

i really need a haircut. my hair is really long now, and i LOVE it long - however it's looking kinda ghetto & i totally need some new cute bangs. i've found a couple pictures online of bangs i am longing for. something a bit more funky. (but not too funky pete, no need to worry babe)

i work 8:30-4:30 all week which is nice, but i'm busy pretty much every night. next weekend i will be heading up to st.catharines for a weekend with my cute boyfriend and his cool roomates, and hopefully my favourite new friend ash (fingers crossed)

last night i had a dream i was dating sidney crosby. we kissed. (sorry pete, but you said you wouldn't be mad if i cheated on you with sid the kid, so perhaps this dream was just a test?) it was pretty hilarious, and by that i mean seriously depressing when i awoke and it was not true. hahahaha, nah. totally kidding. maybe.

i watched manchester united beat chelsea 3-0 today which was awesome, damn i'm a good girlfriend. i may of had to spend a lot of my time baking cupcakes, but i tried to multi-task. i spent my day with lots of good friends and my favourite little munchkin. now, i am sitting here in my new sweet cupcake pj's, with a nice big mug of green tea, listening to sgt.pepper's and contemplating whether to take a bath or shower.

i want to buy some cute new outfits.

i hope people are actually reading this. it'll happen, obvs.

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  1. i'm reading! i'm reading!
    i love it.
    i hope people read my blog too...you never know.


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