February 25, 2009

busy as a bee.

all you need is ...

i had a super busy day today & didn't have time to update, tomorrow i will make up for it.

love ya's


  1. oooo that's pretty :) i like it.
    and it's so true...and baby, we got it!

    so i hope you're still going to be around tomorrow cause i really want to see yooou!! (& i left the day free, just for you!) i was wondering if by any small chance you'd want to accompany me to the mall tomorrow? i know you're probably so sick of the ptc but i'm going to a wedding with richy and want to try and find a cute dress for it! (any excuse to buy a cute dress really) so i was thinking we could do that tomorrow...also...PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS???

    holla atcha girl!

  2. hey girl !!!

    yessss, i would LOVE to go on a shopping date with you. i'm not too sick of ptc, i haven't been as much since i haven't been working. dress shopping is the best kind! stokeddd. what time were you thinking? i am going to go to oakville around 4:30-5ish! let me know what the plan is, i can't wait to see you :)
    & HECK YES to photobooth photo's! we'll have to get them twice so we can each keep one strip! hehehe <3


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)