February 9, 2009

happy monday everyone! wasn't it though? such a lovely day.

i got my business cards in the mail today - yeyeye, they are SO cute too. i will post a photo soon. also, in the mail today i got a kit on "how to write children's stories", i got something in the mail about it a while ago and it said if you were interested to send it back with your home address on it and you'd get a package you could fill out and send in, so i figured i might as well ! i am going to take a look at it tomorrow. i reallllly wanna write a children's book! :)

i've been spending so much time cleaning out my room, every little storage box, every drawer, everything! it's kinda tedious. but also really fun. i was reading one of my old diary's today, oh my...it was SO funny. silly stuff i tell ya.

oh yeah, look! i took a picture of my desk in my room, so everyone could see my "blog space" hehehe -

cute, eh? some things you might see in this photo - pictures of my daddy (L), my mini globe, my countdown to bubby, my delcious candle, diet pepsssi, cupcake paper, writing utensils. etcccc. :)

i made my valentine's today! they turned out so cute, i am going to wake up early tomorrow and send em' out ♥
the rest of my week isn't too busy but will be good -
tomorrow - scrapbooking, sending valentine's, cleaning, gym, leaf game.
wednesday - goin' downtown, then guitar lessons
thursday - baking cuppycakessss, then having everyone over for grandpa's birthdayyy!
friday - yeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeeye i will be the happiest girl in the world again 'cause my amazing bf is coming over♥

oooh, also...tomorrow night i am going out with my mom to get a new ipod (yeye finally, so stoked) i need to hit up the library as well, because last time i was there "shopaholic ties the knot" was out :( - i also have to go to carlton cards because i've got $21 to spend there from my points card (nerd alert) they have SUCH cute stuff though. for exampleee ;

i love these buttons i got :)

there are so many good movies coming out! shopaholic on friday, i NEED to see it. and this one; AHHHHHH so good. and i am totally in love with zoey deschanel.

omfg ♥ ♥ ♥

SO, i watched the grammy's last night. overall i liked them, it was entertaining anyway.
highlights ;

ADELE ♥ - in general, she is so adorable and has the best voice, she won 2 grammy's and was as sweet as ever, and her performance was wonderful. i was so happy she won

everything about this man. he is so amazing!!!!! ahhhh, i am in love. and his performance - PERFECT as always.

need i say more? john was beautiful as ever, and won too! :)

awww, my mrazy! i am so bummed he didn't win. but kudos to him for being nominated, and writing the most fucking beautiful music ever, annnnd me and my boys song :)

M.I.A was pregnant as shit but still rocked it with the big boys, she looked fab too, i must say.

j hud, aww gee...she is so amazing, she's so pretty and has the best voice ever. love her.

i loved the performance by the four tops, too cute. and NE YO? shit...he rocked it. siiiick.

katy perry looked cute as shit, although her performance kinda sucked i thought...and i was pissed she didn't wear heels. but who cares, she is fierce anyway!

okay, i think that's enough. i have been listening to every beatles cd ever, i am loving it.


cupcake COOKIES, geesh some people are brilliant. these are TOO cute, and i may make them sometime, although...really, what exactly is better than a cupcake? and for some reason i suck at baking cookies, but i bake them because my boy is a cookie monsterrr. chocolate chip are still totally the best.

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  1. i love your desk...no wait, i love your room. it's the best! mainly your closet cause i want everything in it, haha! that and you have SO much stuff but it's always all so organized.

    sounds like you have a nice week coming up :) enjoying your time off i see? you must be! it would be loverly!

    i love those buttons ♥
    cute shiiiiiiit.


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