February 8, 2009

i'll pretend that i'm kissin', the lips i am missin'.

ooooh, there's so much to write about! i may not fit it into one measly blog post!
i had a wonderful weekend, really.

friday, i had a girls night. hungout with carly, sarah & jenna - we went to see ; "he's just not that into you" - i LOVED it, it was absolutely precious, there were so many good people in it too :) i think i might have to see it again. it reminded me of one of my favourite movies, love actually.


saturday morning we headed to buffalo - me, my mom and my soon-to-be sis lindsey. we had soooo much fun and such a great day, i got lots & lots of cute stuff. we all did! my favourite stores were obviouslyyyy FOREVER 21 & TARGET.

i didn't get to spend much time in target because it was our last stop, but it had SOOOO much cute stuff. i love it there!

they have a new forever 21 in the walden galleria, and let me tell you - it's basically heaven! it's SOOO big, i spent over 2 hours in there and still felt i didn't get to see everything. hehehe.

& since i love all my new cute things - i took some photo's!

my hippy sandals & neon pink flats!

my new cuteeeey brown boots! only $25 from nine west!

my cupcake stuff from target!:)

accessories from forever 21 ♥

accessories organized into my cute little skull organizer, haha.

cute lil' lumberjack dress, forevs.

beatles "let it be" tee, forever 21!

adorable craft & scrapbook stuff, all from target $1 section.

purse from forever 21.

hurley hoodie, $6 from pacsun:)

owl placemat from target, reminds me of carlyyyy :)

another placemat, with like...everything cute ever on it. ♥

there it is! yeyeyeye:) i love my new stuff. i have had a good day today, organizing my stuff and my room (i swear, i could do it everyday) went for a walk with my mom (it's so lovely out) and now i am smelling my delicious candle and drinking a tea, waiting for a wonderful roast dinner.

i think tonight i will start making my homemade valentine's, so that i can have them sent out by tomorrow or tuesday! i think i might watch little miss sunshine too.

this week is looking good, but the best part of it will be saturday. not only because it's valentine's day, but because i finally get to see my valentine, who i haven't seen in 2 weeks and miss very very much. sigh...

i think this might be all for now, i know there's a few more things i wanted to add, but i will wait until later tonight or tomorrow, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

EDIT - i totally forgot the grammy's are on! i am obvs watching them. :) yeyeye


this is handmade and beaded! how adorable? i love all the colours and think this would totally be the sweetest thing to have ever, geesh...i hate when i find cute stuff but don't know where to get it. love it anyway!


  1. juju!

    i decided to give in and get my own blog. you and car inspired me. yours is way too cute. mine is pebblesandpetals.blogspot.com

    i tend to agree with the buffalo shopping! it's too good! i am going in march. so excited! hope all is well, pretty girl.

    xoxo, erika

  2. omgggggg!! i want everything you bought!! could you imagine us going shopping in the states together? we'd have to have won the lottery first cause well, we like everything the same and would be horrible influences on each other.

    this made me want to buy lots of stuff. & holy cute, those two owl placemats are sooooo adorable omg i'm in love! that lumberjack dress is super cute too. cute cute cute!! haha

    i left you a message on facebook but i made you something cute, expect it soon!

    and yay, erika has a blog!!!


  3. haha I set that buffalo store up! it was such hell...we worked like 14 hour days and they made me carry mannequins..REALLY heavy and fragile mannequins haha. all your purchases look super cute and i love love actually too!

  4. I wanna come shopping with you!!!! They got so much amazing stuff in Canada... xx Tammy


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