February 2, 2009

i'm so cosy.

i'm just so nice and warm on my nice big comfy couch that i can't even get up to turn bromance off.

not much is new with me really.
i'm starting to think i may need to change my blog layout, i am kinda over it.
also, i will be starting another blog specifically for my cupcake sales. my business cards will probably be in this week, and then i have a few more things to do. i am going to order containers for my cupcakes for when i sell them, but i want to make sure they can be recycled. also - i am going to do up some handmade posters to put up int the area for my cuppycakes. i actually haven't made any in a while and am quite eager to do something creative.

today i babysat for 2 kids i've been babysitting for, for about 5 years on and off. it was good times. the walk there was so lovely, who would have thought everyone could be so happy wth the weather being at a measly zero. although, to everyone it was like a heat wave. i am really looking forward to the spring & summer, obvs.

i'm really feeling the winter blues over the last few days. it can only get better from here though. i am super stoked because i just got a sewing machineeeee :D it's perf. although, i totally wany my grandma's cute as ever 50's style mint green stinger, but it's not portable. sigh.

i've done a couple of my crafts already, and they are sweet. pictures to come shortly.

the superbowl was actually pretty good, i suppose i am glad that the steelers won. i was more excited about the new movie UP that is coming out in the spring, it looks so cuuuuute ;

i also want to see "confessions of a shopaholic" and "he's just not that into you" they both look adorable.

i am looking forward to tomorrow. i am going out to do a couple things. my first stop is bulk barn and i am going to stock up on new supplies (such as sprinkles, icing, icing colouring, & cute valentine's day stuff) then i am hitting up dollarama for some sweet craft stuff, and then wal-mart to get some pictures developed, and of course...more craft stuff! investmentsssss.

blah, i am boring myself just writing this.


2 of my favourite things combined into one. panda cupcakesssss. i love these. panda's are by far my fave and i think these are just precious. i am thinking of maybe making these and having the flavour be cookies & cream. i mean, who wouldn't want to eat one of those?!

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