February 23, 2009

it's still so cold out.

ugh, i kinda had a bad day, but i'm over it already.
i can't believe how cold out it still is. a fox ran by me tonight, i was really scared. hahaha.
the oscars were pretty good, nothing too exciting really. hugh was sick, and i love james franco. i was glad that sean penn and kate winslet won, very cute.
but still, best part;

we're basically dating.

i have so much to do! & i need to get started. my life is a to-do list by the way.
♥ laundry
practice guitar
♥ write letters
♥ pay phone bill
♥ look through pkg about writing children's books
♥ vacuum living room
♥ get crafty
♥ organize scrapbook stuff
♥ get stuff ready for salvation army
♥ finish watching entourage

also, i love hello kitty.
it was so cute, today the little girl i babysit said "how did you decide you loved hello kitty"
& i said something like, i just think she's so cute and all hello kitty stuff is cute. and that's so true!
i haven't got any new hello kitty stuff in so long:) can't wait to get some (& go to the hello kitty NY store!)

it's all so cuuuute! oh hello kitty, i love you.

i'm loving gossip girl lately.

i picked out my tutu (carly, i agree with you..i liked #3 best) she's sending it tomorrow, i can't wait! i am gonna post pictures soon, yeyeye. this week is going to be good! tomorrow i am going to see confessions of a shopaholic with carly & sarah. wednesday i am going to the gym, and i have guitar lessons and ringette. thursday; babysitting and friiiday i am going to oakville (for the weekend) to pete's to babysit his little cousin allie, she's cute as a button. i can't wait to do some crafts with her and bake some cuppycakes ♥ :) yeyeye

i'm happy. i love life, and you should too.

omgggg, these are so cuuuuute. in love! i like when i find cute cupcakes that i could actually make. these are perfection. i know i can make em' too, they would be fun for a cute girls night or sleepover. perhaps a pink party! LOVE.


  1. girls niiiiiiight.
    i want to craft with you
    and make cupcakes.

    everytime i see your blog,
    my mouth starts to water...
    i love cupcakes.

  2. oh & hello kitty.
    i want ALL that stuff and more...
    i bought a hello kitty ring & button today at claires, haha i love that i still love claires and i'm almost twenty three. i also love that you're the exact same way.

  3. You're so adorable :o) Your blog always cheers me up!

  4. my friend got that diamond hello kitty ring!
    and also... did you know that MAC carries a hello kitty line of makeup?
    love you.


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