February 11, 2009

there's no stoppin' us / there's no stoppin' us now...

ok first things first.
jason mraz is so fucking amazing. i have 3 of his albums, and today when i went to the mall, they FINALLY had some of his older cd's, so i got one, and whoa - i am so happy listening to it right now. he is so incredible. i NEED to see him when he comes back to toronto, although it may be a while as he's in japan right now. gee, anyway - i thought i would express my undying love for this man ;


sigh. i love getting new albums, i want to buy so many, and i don't download so i get super excited when i buy a new amazing album. someone else who i am totally loving off is mr.matt costa - SO GOOD. :)

yes please!

i just cleaned up all the music on my computer, because i got a new sexy ipod. it's the new purple nano, i'm in love. although i had to get so many updates for my computer, and it still doesn't work, hah! i still love it though.

i attempted to go downtown today, mostly because i had to go to steve's music to get a book for my guitar class, and a tuner...annnnd a caipo! but it was so gross & rainy, and i missed the train -ughhh. so i just went to the mall and got a few things i needed, and i got my guitar book from another store. perrrrfect. i go for my second class tonight.:)

i need to upload some pictures of some cute stuff soon. i am still enoying my time off, been keeping really busy...although not having extra money kinda sucks, but still. not bad at all.

IF i did have lots of money, i would buy THIS; omfg i want it so bad -

i am really digging tutu's lately ♥

i am looking forward to tomorrow - i am baking CUPCAKES for my grampy's birthday, i am making half all blue themed (for the leafs & blue jays!) and half valentine's day-esque, i am also planning to make some cute mini cuppycakes, pictures to come, don't you worry! i am so excited...i haven't baked in a while. yeyeyeye :) also my brothers and lindsey are coming for dinner, i am excited to see them.

then FRIDAY my babe is finally coming over. i haven't seen him in 3 weeks and am very excited to get to spend lots of time with him over reading week, and of course....he's my valentine too! lucky me :)

hehehe, isn't that cute?

i need to finish up a few things around here, feel free to leave me some sweet lovin' -
i gotta go heat up my green tea!


awwww, i am loving mini cuppycakes lately, and the colours and decorations on this are just beauitful. they remind me of spring! i am excited to make some little ones and decorate them cute and yummy like these ones:)

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  1. i thought i would leave you some love. i wish i was in pickering so we could hang out. we could have a sewing party or something. it'd be really fun!
    ps: i sent you mail today. expect it soon ♥


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