March 23, 2009

bold as love.

not a manic monday!
you know, i never really hated monday's. i think of them more of a start to a fresh and promising new week!

today i worked 11-8 which was a really long day, & it was so so so busy today too, it was nice though because the day went by so fast:) lovely. i am so glad to be back at work, and back to a schedule, i am so loving the monday-friday and having most of my nights free (i work 8:30-4:30 3 days a week and 11-7 2 days a week) no complaints here.

i finally got an email from the ship today, things are looking up! we just need to confirm our dates and then we can finally celebrate, and have something so amazing to look forward to (we'll add that to the list!)

i saw "i love you man" yesterday and it was SO good. (of course) i love paul rudd, and jason siegel and basically anyone in those movies, so it was another classic. you should see it if you want to have a good laugh!

:) !!

i just finished my book. it's on my list of favourites now for sure. it was called "my sisters keeper" by jodi picoult. honestly, read it. just fucking amazing. it feels so good when you find a book you really love.

i'm so excited about the possibility of spending some quality time with my old pals new york & bermuda. sigh, 2 of my favourite places i've been. i just can't wait to be back there, where everything was perfect, and best of all be there with pete. (that's the only way it could be perfect) ugh, it's only been a week since i've seen him and it feels like way longer. i can't believe i have to wait two more... thank goodness for free long distance and unlimited texting.

i really want to see one week, but still haven't. i just don't have anyone to go with to be honest. (hmph)

know what else i so wanna do? go thrifting. i haven't gone is so long! oh my. come to think of it i haven't gone shopping in so long it's crazy really. and i am going to make sure i don't get too excited when i get paid and blow it all away. hahaha.

well i gotta get to bed (really? at 11:00) i know, sad isn't it? work tomorrow 8:30-4:30 - lunch with grandma and grandpa, and then going to the gym after work. woohoo. i am boring.

goodnight all.


oh gee whiz aint that cute? what an adorable set! i love that necklace and loooove that little jewellery box! cute as can be. i would like both pleaseeeee. duh.

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