March 21, 2009

getting my second wind..

it's honestly so weird that i have no plans this weekend, it's really nice too though. we lost our game today (which is no big suprise) but we still had fun, i worked out after my game too and then i was just beat. had a little afternoon nap and a good chat with my babe. now i am sipping some tea, watching the leaf game, and eating an organic animal cookie. sound decent?

leafs are winning 2-0 so far :) yeyeye. - i feel like a loser for not going out tonight even though i had the option to, but to be honest, right now i just do not have the money and i don't want to make the wrong choice and spend it on a night out when i don't have that money to spend. on my time off i really started getting better at managing my money, and now that i am back to work and making such good money, there is no reason i can't start saving a lot of it. pete and i have so many ideas for adventures we want to go on, and if i start saving now, i know i will be happy that i saved.

i got a couple cute crafts done last night, which was nice. i think i might work on one of my scrapbooks tonight, because i hateeee when i haven't finished one and want to start a new one. i am still working on one from my first contract on the ship (the star) and really want to work on one from the dawn, which was my contract from last spring/summer. actually, once i get paid i need to get about 500 pictures developed! i know, crazy right? i just really want copies of the ones from the ship last summer, so i can scrapbook them and put them into albums!

tomorrow i am going to see i love you man and i might go for a run if it's nice out! otherwise i am sure i'll have some fun project on the go. actually i am going to practice guitar for a long while and maybe if it's nice i will read my book outside with a tea for a while. i am reading my sister's keeper by jodi picoult and it is SO good.

i don't know if i have ever mentioned how much i love OBAMA, but i do. i just think he is an amazing and handsome man, look at these old photo's of him from college when a girl asked him if she could photograph him (obviously because she thought he was a babe)

here they are, amazing!!! ;

also, i kinda want this dress too!!! ;

so cool.

lately i am so ready for summer. i know everyone is, well it seems like it anyway. i am just ready for flipflops, for summer DRESSES, for my backyard in the summer, for my pool, for bike rides, for after dinner walks, for late nights on the deck, for late swims too:), for toronto in the summertime, for patios!, picnics, playing in the park, road hockey!, just being outside, sunglasses, a tan!, popsicles (heeeheeee), staying light so late in the night, sidewalk chalk, frolicking in fields of daisies, walking anywhere anytime and not being frozen, summer time photoshoots, kensington market, fruity drinks, wonderland, bbqs!, and everyone just being way happier in general. no harm right?
just to name a few! hehehe :)

i just want to mention, there is no other team i hate more than the montreal canadiennes, and their fans....oh my GOD.

i am going to go watch the game and then work on something special to send my babe in the mail! :) ♥


omfg!!!! cupcake comforter. i want it, i NEED it. if i ever find this or something like this, it WILL be mine :) i really love the colours too. i bet they would have something like this at at target. my god i love target.

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  1. i want all those things for summer too. oooooh i can't wait!!

    and holy crap obama, mmm mmm! i love how real he is (& yes he's a total babe as well) but like, i remember hearing an interview with him and he was talking about smoking pot and most presidents lie and say they've never tried but he said of course he had, he was young once too and then made some joke about doing crack, lol!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)