March 5, 2009

gloomy thursday.

i'm having a bad day for some reason.
i am just kinda stressing out about a couple things...
i'm sure it will be fine in the end. right?

it was nice today i didn't have any thing i had to do.
i just spent the day cleaning//organizing my stuff.
(& watching ferris buellers day off)

this time next week i will be on my way meet my boy & go to niagra falls!

i am expecting a very important email and i really want to get it by the weekend.
so, think happy thoughts for me, okay?

so, i decided....ADELE has the best voice ever. honestly, it's perfect. i'm loving her album too much.
one of my favourite songs on the album ;

found myself today singing out loud your name,
you said I'm crazy,
if i am i'm crazy for you.

sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here..
turns me crazy,
but it's you who makes me lose my head.

& every time i'm meant to be acting sensible
you drift into my head
and turn me into a crumbling fool.

tell me to run & i'll race,
if you want me to stop i'll freeze,
and if you are me gonna leave, just hold me closer baby,
and make me crazy for you.
crazy for you.

lately with this state i'm in i can't help myself but spin.
i wish you'd come over,
send me spinning closer to you.

my oh my, how my blood boils, it's sweet taste for you,
strips me down bare
and gets me into my favourite mood.

i keep on trying, fighting these feelings away,
but the more i do,
the crazier i turn into.

pacing floors and opening doors,
hoping you'll walk through
and save me boy,
because i'm too crazy for you.
crazy for you

so one of the councilors from the city of pickering is ordering a cake off of me! i know what you are thinking "a cake?!" - well kindof, it's a cupcake cake! she wants it in the shape of a beer bottle, labatt blue. so i am really quite nervous, i hope it turns out okay, tell me i can do it!

i think i better go & get some more things done, my free days are fading away fassst.


awww, awww, awwwww. how cute are these little guys? cupcakes with smiley faces just get me.


  1. i love everything with smiley faces, haha.
    maybe i can make you something like that...something awfully similar anyway! i could make it a button or a magnet! yaaaa, im gonna make you one. it's going to be on my list of things to do!

  2. aww, cheer up bella!

    i am sure whatever you are waiting on will arrive soon! and a beer cupcake-cake? no problem! there is nothing you can't do!



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