March 16, 2009

here comes the sun!:)

what a beautiful day. it seems as though spring might actually be here to stay! :)
please please please be here spring, pleaseee!

i had a great day, i woke up early to work on a special birthday present for my boy (it's not 'till may, i'm organized!) i spent the day doing all the things i wanted to! i went for a run, practiced guitar in & outside. baked some st.patty's day cupcakes to bring into work tomorrow (first day backkk!) watched ellen (portia was on, too cute). i also did some laundry, and am just going to start cleaning my room now. i am so sad because i think my cd player is broken, & i am nothing without my music, i must admit.

tomorrow is st.patty's day! & my first day back to work. i'm so excited ♥ after work i am going to the gym with my mom, and then hopefully out somewhere for dinner &/or st.patty's day drinks!

i've made a wish list. here are some things i want to buy in the next little while :) ;;

polaroid camera ;

a cake mixer, hopefully a sexy one like this;

pinocchio on dvd!;

new rollerblades, cause the ones i had since grade 8 finally broke;

a new bicycle! :) ;

tfc jersey! yes please;

sewing machine - i think i'm getting this exact one! ;

my perfume, since it's almost all gone ;

a type writer, of any sort. ;

lancome mascara, i won't use any other kind!;

some blonde hair dye to re-do my chunk of blonde in my hurr;

just to name a few things! hahaha

i love today, i am going to go enjoy it some more! have a great day everyone!


IT'S A CUPCAKE SEAT! omfg how cute. i would die to have one of these in my future cute as can be apartment. i LOVE it.


  1. our wish lists are awfully similar, tehe :)
    those kitchenaid mixers are super pricey!!
    rollerblades; ahhh! i love that, haha.

  2. i wish i was at home, we could definitely go for dinner and st.pattys drinks...i'd love that!

  3. my mom has that cake mixer and it's THE greatest thing ever. i use it all the time to make icing and i barely do any physical work, other than adding stuff to the bowl. GET IT!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)