March 1, 2009

i can't function without music on.


i'm kinda stoked on march to be honest! i mean, don't get me wrong...february was a great month. but i am planning to make some exciting changes in march, and there is a lot to look forward to in this month as well. not to mention the fact that it's one month closer to spring/summer (finalllllly)

i had an awesome weekend.
how was yours?

friday i had a shopping date with carly & richie, we had so much fun. we ended up going downtown and it was a great day. we had a cute lunch at mr. green jeans (i love it there) and got some cute photobooth pictures. and of course i bought a couple sweet things too, and presents for my boy..obvs.
while we were at lunch, we all decided to give up something for lent. that used to be such an exciting thing for me when i was a kid, so i am pumped for us for deciding to do this. carly is giving up chips, richie is giving up candy, and i am giving up sigh chocolate. oooh, this'll be a hard one. 40 days without the most delicious treat of all!

me & pete had a great time in oakville with his mom, cousin and her little daughter, she was cute as a button. the weekend consisted of good chats, arts & crafts with the lil' princess, tea time and of course CUPCAKES. we baked some very cute ones, it was adorable. we watched madagascar 2 as well, very cute.

watching that movie reminded me how much i love cartoons, specifically disney movies. so i decided i am going to have a disney movie marathon. & by that i mean i am going to watch all my disney movies in the next little while, and also full house on dvd, since i have season 1-4. hahaha, oooh while i am at it - i've got alf and saved by the bell too! [nerd alert]

i emailed the cruise ship today to try and set up my contract for the spring, i really hope it works out and me and pete get on the same ship, that way i can get super excited and begin a countdown until perfection. i am back to work in 2 weeks, which is awesome! i am looking forward to getting back and making lots of money, and working out more! it's nice to have such a set schedule. i still have a bunch of things i want to do before i go back, so i will work on craming them in over the next 2 weeks.

i think i will go make another green tea and cross of some things on my to do list

hope everyone had a good weekend!


cow cupcakes! pretty adorable huh? i am loving the colours of them too. i have a friend who loves cow stuff & would just adore these. pretty sweet:)

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