March 20, 2009

i'm alive!

hey everyone.
HAPPY SPRING! ; today is the first official day of spring and i couldn't be happier. :)
i've had a busy week, with being back to work & all - so you'll notice that my entries are quite as often before.

it's so nice to be back to work! i love everyone there and am really enjoying myself, it's been really busy but i like that. i managed to go to the gym a few days this week too + one ringette game, so that was nice. not as much as i'd like to do but atleast i am getting back into it.

this is the first weekend in so long that i have free! i am looking forward to relaxing, reading my book and getting some craft projects done. i have my last ringette game of the regular season tomorrow at 1:00 so that will be fun, and then i believe i am going to see i love you man on sunday.

i do have quite a few things to look forward to in the next little while ;
♥ i finally got an email back from someone from the ship who is going to get back to me ASAP about a contract in may, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for me & pete.
♥ i made an appointment on april 15th to have a meeting regarding opening a small business!
♥ i finally get my first pay cheque in 2 weeks!
♥ i saw a bike i want to get!
♥ regional tournament for ringette the first weekend in april
♥ finally seeing my babe (he's coming down for about a week the first week of april!
♥ my income tax $$$

so not only is it spring, but it's also hot as fuck friday!
i dedicate this friday to a total babeeee (mmm)
what a BABE, he is just way too adorable. with those eyes & those DIMPLES. he's such such a handsome guy, he's been a bunch of cute movies and i always find him to be quite a charming babe. mmm, james marsden, good work out there!

i am just relaxing tonight, maybe doing a bit of painting and maybe scrapbooking. i think i might look through some old movies and watch some. also, i am kindof in the mood for full house! hahaha.
i really feel like watching mary poppins! i loooove her

i got some blonde hair dye so i am going to re-do the chunk in my hair blonde again. i might dye my whole head blonde in the near future too. i know it sounds crazy...but it'll just be for a short while, just because i feel like it! i will have to wait until i am nice and tanned though!

anyway, i am currently snuggled up in my hello kitty new york hoodie and trackies, and am perfectly content. although i really really realy whish my babe was here to cuddle with all night (omg, i typed "whish" by an accident but am keeping it - that's my boyfriends last name by the way!) omg pete if you are reading this - sorry! hahahaha.

i will post some cute-ish pictures soon friends, i hope you all have a great weekend!

also, i am looking like something like this for my next tattoo, to represent my memories of working on the cruiseships!



cupcake charms!!! call me greedy but i want them all. soooo cute, eh?

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  1. ANCHORS!! my tee right now has a cute anchor on it. i wish i had a reason like that to get an anchor tattoo cause they are SO cute! where do you want to get it?

    i wish i was at home, we could craft & watch mary poppins together! haha, i totally comment on like, all of your blog entries with something like "i wish i was home so we could ________" ...i guess i just wish we could hang more. in fact, i KNOW i do.

    i thought you wrote whish on purpose, haha. too cute!!

    i love you jujubes.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)