March 28, 2009


hot as F*CK friday SATURDAY!

i forgot to do my "hot as fuck" friday segment yesterday, so i shall do it now.
today's featured hottie is... zac efron!

now call me crazy, or a 16 year old girl. but i just love zac efron. he is SUCH a babe! and i obvs loved him in high school musical (i am a total teenybopper, and proud and he was goddamn adorable as a 1950's hunk in hairspray! he is in a new movie called 17 again with another man i love, matthew perry. i am gonna see that one for sure. anyway, you know you can't hide it, zac efron is DYN-O-MITE. yes please!

i'm going to go sit outside & sew and drink tea.
(i am a granny)

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  1. i actually don't see it. i mean, i SEE it...but i'm just so sick of seeing his face that i really don't find him all that attractive. maybe i'm crazy?

    ps: i am constantly being called a granny. haha, and totally okay with it.

    pps: i was at claires yesterday and they had soooo many cute stuff. a really cute necklace in the little girls section and then like, well...everything else cupcake! too cute. i wanted to buy it all for you!!


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