March 26, 2009

talking leads to touching, & the touching leads to sex.

hi hi hi.
this week has FLOWN by, oh my!

no complaints here, i am just glad that tomorrow is friday and that i am one week closer to a pay cheque and a tad bit closer to finally seeing my bubby. it's been a really busy week at work so i am looking forward to relaxing this weekend, but also going out and having a good time. saturday we're going out for an engagement dinner for carly & derek ♥ and on sunday we are going for brunch at the place where they are getting married! i cannnn't wait to see it:)

i think i am having some people over on the 10th of april so i decided i am going to pick one of my favourite recipes from one of my cupcakes books, and bake them for that day! there are some REALLY cool ones so i want to choose something fun. it's funny, i feel like i haven't baked cupcakes in so long, and it's only been like 2 weeks! hahaha. i miss it. (aint that silly?)

i got a couple cute scrapbook things for really cheap at zellers today, hopefully to give me a little inspiration! i've got so many ideas for things, i just need to start actually doing them! gee whiz.

tonight i am going to write a couple letters, organized my crafts drawers in my room and just clean up and relax. my cd player is broken and i need it fixed, like now!.

oooh, i am SO SO SO SO excited to go to the hello kitty store and get some cute new stationary! i live for that.

oh yeah! pete and i are pretty much confirmed for the ship! i'm not getting really excited until we get a confirmation back from them, but we got the offer and accepted, now we are waiting for them to accept our offer type deal. yeyeyeye, i just want it to be set it stone so i can start a countdown and celebrateeeee.

i finished my book, amazzzzing. now i am reading shopaholic and sister, i believe it's the 3rd or 4th one? after this i am going to read the book nineteen minutes, or a prayer for own meany (again). i am going to re-read all the classics, well i want to anyway!

tomorrow will be nice because i work 8:30-4:30 and a lot of people are off tomorrow so it will be relaxing! also, i am going to go to the gym on my lunch (my 4th time this week, yeah i am proud of myself!) next week i am going to go 4 or 5 times or sure. i am working on my beach bod since i am going to be wearing my bathing suit sooooooonish! i want a tan NOW.

well i am going to go get some things doneskies!
hope you're all well.
miss youuuuuu.



cupcake kitchen stuff! i love it all, especially since when i move out i want to do my kitchen in all cupcake stuff (duh!) i already have 2 really cute bugs, and a serving tray, and they're so sweet. i love this stuff:)

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  1. i love your posts!! post more!!

    i can't wait to see your cupcake kitchen, it'll be the cutest!! those envelopes are adorable. do i get a letter??



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