March 6, 2009


first things first...

it really is a great city. i decided since i am going to be around all summer, i am going to do some exploring around toronto. there are so many amazing places i have never been / want to see. so i thought what better time than the best time? summer!

here is a really cool article - 175 reasons why we love toronto!

also, the cupcake contest i am entering has to do with this! they are asking people to design one cupcake that represents what toronto means to you and send in a picture, so i thought i may as well do it for fun, right?!

the leafs won last night, i have this good feeling about them. gerber was sick so i am stoked. last night i got my sewing machine out but we found out it's broken. (sad sad face) but i decided once i get my income tax back i am going to buy myself a cute new one, it's a good investment i think! so i will be on a hunt in a few months. also my big spring/ summer purchase is going to be a new bicycle. i love riding bikes, and i know i don't do it as much because i don't have my own (cute as can be) bike. i even bought a few bike accessories from urban outfitters last week, $2 each, streamers & a bell! ;

cute eh?

since my sewing machine broke, i decided to sew things by hand. i made a cute little pouch last night that says cupcake on it, and today i made a little cupcake (like in the post below) & a popsicle ♥ hehehe. i am going to go out today and get more craft stuff too because i haven't stocked up in a while.

i have to go to city hall today to sign my contract for work, return my library book. and then me & my mom are going to winners, kitchen stuff plus & costco! woohoo. we're getting some cupcake boxes & such.

tonight i am going to make my first cupcake cake, this way if i screw it up, i can redeem myself tomorrow. haha.

it's supposed to go up to +15 today! i just may wear my spring coat. & if possible buy all of these -

this was made for me.


i love nautical. i wanna wear it on the ship.

this is the number one thing on my wish list. i want a 1950's style bathing suit so bad. they are made for curvy girls like me. i neeeeeeed one.

so i decided to add a new somethin' somethin' to my blog -
it's called "hot as f*ck friday!"
every friday i will choose a new TOTAL BABE for everyone to drool over.

& there was no question who my first one is,

admit it, he's a dreamboat. i've loved him in every movie he has ever done. i find him extremely handsome and charming, and for some reason...he just seems real, he has aged SO well, in fact he may even be getting better looking as the years go on. most recently i loved him in role models (so good!) and his new movie i love you man comes out soon. i can't wait.
so paul rudd, in case you are reading... (hahahah,) you are hot as fuck.

have a good weekend.


how cute are these! cool eh? and in a glass of milk? talk about the perfect treat. :)


  1. me too! me too! did you see the cute 1950s style bathing suit i posted? the red one? i really want one for summer too; they're perfect.

    also...i'd like to remind checking kijiji and craigslist and sites like that for an old sewing machine. i hear that new ones are crappy and not built as good as the old ones.

  2. i agree 100% with the paul rudd bit! LOVE HIM!

  3. yeah i see that one everyday cause it's on gala's blog! hehe.

    yeah, i guess...but i want to get a new one because i don't want to spend the money on an older one and have it break on me, cause that's what happened with the one i had. ya know? i'm sure it will still do the job anyway! well hopefully

    and yesss meagan, he's such a babbbbe!

  4. Where is the 1950s bather from? It's so cute!!

    xx, Faz


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)