April 2, 2009

good things happen to good people.

today was a good day!

my mommy left this morning at 4am to go to florida, i am going to miss her.

reasons why today was awesome ;
♥ i got my package from RVA! (pictures coming soon)
♥ i won on roll up the rim!
♥ it was beauuuutiful out
♥ i found $15 on the sidewalk
♥ like...15-20 people complimented my flower in my hair/outfit at work today, it was SO nice.
♥ had a nice walk home.

i love my job, i really do. it's perfect for right now, absolutely.

the only bad news i got today is that pete isn't coming until wednesday next week, which means i am home alone for a week AND that i have to go even longer without seeing him. i am such a baby. :(

oh, and something else sad happened. as i was walking home from work, i saw this robin on the sidewalk, and it was just standing next to a dead robin, omfg it was SO sad. i cried actually. the poor little birdy didn't understand what was happening. it broke my heart.

the cupcake stuff i got from michaels yesterday, lovelovelove ;

i get paidddd tomorrow! yay :) & i am super excited about my ringette tournament this weekend. tomorrow night matty is having people over so i may go there after my game. saturday i've got 2 games & then i'm having my team over to party and then maybe going to the bar.

i'm going to go shower & then read my book.
i'm so lonely.
all i want is my boy & a snuggle.


these are some cupcakes i made for a girl i know, 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla - pink & white theme.pretty cute eh?


  1. I'm glad you had such a great day!!!

  2. you DID have a great day. i would have killed to find $15 on the sidewalk today cause i am broke as a joke right now, lol. post rva photos!! yay for rva packages, i love my shades and stickers :) omg your cupcake stuff is so cute, you bought soooo much!! i need to make a trip to michaels soon, i haven't been to the one in ptbo yet as i didn't even know there was one; insane!!
    ps: what's that anchor in the corner there? haha i'm obsessed with them right now!!
    pps: that robin story made me cry...i can just picture it standing beside it...and being so sad...oh my goodness...that's heart breaking.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)