April 1, 2009

half way.

wednesday! this week is flying by so fast, in fact the weeks in general are flying by.

only about 6 more sleeps until i finally see my boy, it's been close to 3 weeks since i've seen him and it's just horrible! i am so excited to see himmm :) - it will be nice to spend lots of time with him too. my mom and blair are heading to florida tomorrow morning, they'll be gone for 12 days, so i'm all alone :( well until petey gets here. i'll be busy though!

today was my 3rd day in a row working out, i am so proud of myself! i've been going to a power core class after work that's all about abs, it's so hard but SO good! i decided on the days i don't workout i will walk home from work, since it's a 45 minute walk it's good exercise, and then i won't feel so bad. this week has been great - hit the gym on mon,tues & wed - then tomorrow i am walking home from work, friday and saturday i had ringette games! oh yeah, this weekend is the regionals for ringette, the tournament is in pickering and i am really looking forward to it, especially since it might be my last weekend ever playing :( it will be so weird to give up ringette, it has been such a huge part of my life for 18 years now. i am going to dedicate a whole blog post to ringette another day so i will shut up now.

i haven't made cuppycakes since st.patty's day ;;

i've got a few mother's day orders, and i am also making some this weekend for my ringette team party (i believe chocolate with peanut butter cups on top) and then i am making some easter ones next week for the united way bake sale at city hall and some to bring into work as well - and then some for my mustache party!

i went to michaels today, my mom took me at lunch <3 i got SO much cute cupcake stuff, omfg. i took photo's - i will post them tomorrow! too cuteeee.i was in heavennnn:)

anyway, i am going to go watch the rest of the leaf game. my body hurts!


cupcake earrings!!! aren't they just splendid?cutieees.

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