April 23, 2009

holy cupcakes!


i am currently dancing around my room while listening to the juno soundtrack, it really is a good one. i really want to get the soundtrack from adventureland but when i looked for it i couldn't find it. gee whiz! i just got the death cab for cutie ep, oh dear me, i just fell in love all over again!

so i am super happy that today is thursday, annnd the first sunny day all week. tomorrow after work i am heading up to see my babe, for the last time at his place in st.catharines, aww i am going to miss it there, and his roomies. i am really looking forward to this weekend, not only cause i get to see my man, but because it's going to be absolutely GORGEOUS all weekend. yessss, why thank you spring.

ooh, now i am listening to the supremes now, they were perfect. goddamn they just don't make music the way they used to do they? haha that makes me sound like i'm 80, but i guess i just really wish i lived at a different time.

today is wonderful for a few reasons, one being...

exactly one month today until me and pete fly to new york! &hearts ;
we will be flying out during the day to new york and then arriving at our hotel the saturday afternoon, and then we're hopefully going to go downtown manhaten and do something fun! then the next day we'll be joining the dawn!!! and then in no time we'll be back in my favourite sunny and beautiful place....bermuda :) oh my. i am way too excited, it can't come soon enough - time is flying by so fast!

i wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps ♥

see you soon snorkel park/hammerheads!

so, my favourite update of all -

my cupcake orders are really rolling in! it's crazy, it's all happening! a girl i went to highschool with emailed me last night asking for 12 cupcakes so i made them for her and she picked them up today - and then a friend of mines mom is ordering them off me for 2 weekends in a row. annnnnd, in the last week i've got about five inquiries plus 2 people asking me to make cupcake wedding cakes for them. it makes me so happy:) i have a bunch of super super cute ideas of ways to package my cupcakes & a couple other cute things too, yeyeye <3

here are the cupcakes i baked for my fabby's birthday :)


well, i need to go pack my bag and bake cookies for my bubby.
have a good weekend everyone!

life is sweet, isn't it?


i want to make some ladybug cupcakes, adorableeee.

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