April 12, 2009

hoppy easter!

happpppppppy easter everyone! ♥

i have had a wonderful couple of days, such a perfect long weekend - i love 4 day weekends :) i wish they came around more often!!!

friday was a good day, went for a nice long walk in the sunshine (got my camera back!) - then i prepared everything for my little get together. made a veggie tray, nacho dip, easter treat bags for everyone, cuppycakes and made some mustaches for the "mustache party". i love being a hostess, and i think it shows! hehehe :) the mustaches were all pretty funny, it's always fun to add a theme to a party for sure. the night was a hit once again, we played A LOT of flip cup, i think my team won almost every game, i'm the queen. our team name was "f*ck bitches, get money" , we were listening to biggie at the time, obvs. anyway, i had SO much fun, i love my friends - we always have the best time when we do get together!

yesterday was a good day as well, although me and pete were very hungover! we just hungout and watched soccer (the TFC game!) they tied, but should have won. then we went over and got some groceries, came home ... watched freaks and geeks (we're almost done the series) and then i made a delicious stirfry dinner, if i so say so myself. then we watched the LAST leaf game of the season (so so so sad) they won though! 5-2. devs got a hatty...siiiiiick. after the game we watched some planet earth, it is so amazing. then my boy zacy efron was on SNL, love!

today it a bright sunshiney easter sunday and i am loving it so far. watched my brother on the footy show and i just had a tea and i am about to bake grandma's best ever banana muffins omg they are so good! i just filled up some plastic easter eggs because i am having and EASTER EGG HUNT for my brothers,lindsey and pete. it's going to be too cute. my mom is coming home today, yay! then we are going to my aunt and uncles for easter dinner, mmm turkey. it will be great to see my fam. love.

well i hope you all have a great & sunny easter sunday!


omfg gimme it all !!! easter goodies, easter cupcakes, yummy :)

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