April 6, 2009

i'm too nice for shit like this.

top 2 things that ruined my day ;

1) some lady at work was so rude to me that i almost cried. it's sad how heartless some people are.

2) i came home to read this on my most recent blog post ;

"I think it is a great dis-service to respectable bakers to use a store bought cake mix and icing in the selling of cupcakes for money."

it was posted "anonymously" so clearly this person is a coward, but to my defense - i am only just starting out baking cupcakes, and i don't have the money to buy supplies for cupcakes made from scratch, that AND i don't claim to bake them to scratch to anyone, people know it is from the box, and they are the ones who still get them. i sell them for really cheap so it's not like i'm ripping people off or something. so maybe since you're so high and mighty in the cupcake world, you take offense - but people like my cupcakes because of the decorations, the colour schemes, themes and creativity - not what type of mix i use. yeah, i know that these people could easily just buy the mix themselves and essentially make the exact same thing, but a lot of people don't have the time to do that, or the ideas to turn them into what i do. it's not like i have some successful cupcake business where i'm scaming people. i have one little cute business card and a couple people who have bought them from me, it's just something small, clearly not to be taken as seriously as "respectable bitches bakers, like you"

so to whoever posted that, i hope you feel like shit because you just made me feel some horrible person, when really i shouldn't. but you just made my bad day that much worse.

and thanks to whoever this was, i will approving my comments from now on and may have to make this blog friends only. i can't believe people can have the nerve to post such mean things on really nice peoples blogs. if you knew me, you'd feel pretty fucking bad about what you just said. i would never dream about going and reading someones blog and posting something negative as "anonymous", ever. but hey, that's what makes me a good person.

i'm in such a bad mood now.


  1. oh, sweet, gorgeous girl. you do not deserve that bullshit. anyone who knows julie ross knows she is an absolute ray of fucking sunshine. it's beem a bad day for me too miss ross, but hearing about that twat just made it considerably worse.

    why are some people such FUCKING ASSHOLES?

    arg, you are wonderful. just keep being you.

  2. i'm sorry, julie ross.
    you're the nicest girl i know.
    don't let this person get you down.
    your cupcakes are fun and whimsical, and she's just a cow.

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your bummer day! I would be bummed too if someone left me a post like that. I know it's hard but try not to let it get to you because that is exactly what "anonymous" wants. For what it's worth, I think your cupcakes are super cute and I don't think people care if their from a cake mix as long as they are made with lots of love :)

  4. oh jules, people who know you clearly know you are a super lady. i don't honestly think i've ever met you in person before but you seem like the most sweet, adorible person in the world. maybe that loser was just having a bad day. people adore your cupcakes for many reasons, and you are so talented! so screw them! and keep smiling! :)

  5. Lindsay Caryl JonesApril 7, 2009 at 12:10 AM

    That person should be kicked really hard in their shin. They're a dick, there's nothing else to say about them.

    I mean really, people that make clothing don't grow the cotton that make shirts right? People at restaurants most likely don't have whole cows in the back to get steaks. So people should just shut up, didn't their mother teach them if they don't have anything nice to say, they shouldn't say anything at all?

  6. I love cupcakes from the box!!! They are always moist and delicious!

  7. Wowwwww I cannot believe that someone wrote that! Being a 'really nice person' myself, I simply cannot relate or even begin to comprehend what goes through people's minds when they say awful shit like that. Whoever that person is, is CLEARLY jealous that you are able to make cupcakes from a box (without claiming otherwise) and still get people to buy them from you because people WANT to buy them from you. My mom had a cake decorating business for YEARS and used Duncan Hines for every single cake and she did extremely well, so don't listen to this person. They are just bitter that they can't sell cupcakes cuz they charge ridiculous amounts since they're "a respectable baker".

  8. Hi

    People say horrible things like that because they are clearly jealous of you and your awesome creativeness. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!
    You are cool! ! ! !

  9. So many unhappy people in the universe think they will feel better by tearing another person down.
    Sounds like this one needs a CUPCAKE!


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