April 5, 2009

a splendid sunday! :)

it's a beautiful sunday afternoon <3

i had such a busy weekend, as you might of guessed with my lack of blog entries this weekend! friday i worked and then had a ringette game at 8:30, we lost 6-5 (heart breaker) then i slept over at nikki's with jenna! we just chatted and watched step brothers. we had a game at 8:15 am on saturday, we tied 3-3 which was a huggge deal for us! after the game we stayed and watched another game then all went out for a yummy breakfast. after that i came home for a couple of hours and cleaned, and then had another game at 2:30 (so many people came to watch!) and we tied that one as well, so we didn't make it to the finals, but we played so well, i was so proud of everyone. one thing that sucks though, my coach has my camera cause i gave it to him to hold behind the bench so we could take a team photo after the game, and he still has it! :( now i don't know when i am going to get it back. i'm so bummed / lost without my camera.

after my second game i went over to get a couple groceries, the cupcake mix & icing was on sale for $1 !!! so i stocked up and got 6 of each, while i was in line people were commenting on how many i was buying, and i said "yeah i'm stocking up because i have my own little cupcake business!" and a lady behind me said "oh, really? do you have a business card or anything?" hahaha so i gave her one of my cards, it was quite nice! when i got home i baked french vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and reese peanut butter cups on top!

last night a couple girls from my ringette team came over and we had a couple drinks, and peter slack and alex petro came over too which was so awesome, and it was awesome to see them! :):) <3 i had a good night.

today i walked down to the party store (it was so pretty out) in search of some faux mustaches for my mustache party, but they didn't have them anymore, bummmmer. it was so nice spending time outside too, since it's been so cold the past few days.

now, i am putting together some easter treat bags for pete and his roomates, and i am sending them to st.catharines tomorrow before work! hehehe they're mega cute. i am going to do some crafting in a bit, and then maybe play guitar for a while. tonight i am going over to jenna's for a yummy home cooked meal, her mom makes the best dinners!

since i was so busy on friday and didn't get to do my "hot as f*ck friday" segment, here is my hottie of the week;

JAMES FRANCO yes please! he's my number one.

mmmm! i first fell in love with james franco while watching freaks & geeks! he was the greasy bad boy and friggin' adorable, and since then i have liked him in all of his movies, especially pineapple express, i LOVE that movie!

approx. 48 days until me & pete fly to NEW YORK and then join the dawn the next day. i am ecstatic!

ooh, i got a phone call saying my income tax is in! :D yeyeye, i am going to pick it up next week. i think i will buy a bicycle and then save the rest :)

3 more sleeps until i see my bubby, finally.



pandaaaaaa cupcakeeeee


  1. I think it is a great dis-service to respectable bakers to use a store bought cake mix and icing in the selling of cupcakes for money.

  2. i think it's a great dis-service to respectable human beings to act so cowardly and rudely to a kind, genuine person who has done nothing to make you into the miserable being you so clearly are.

    it's unfortunate that your parents didn't love you enough to teach you manners and spare you the embarrassment of being an internet asshole.

  3. I don't see why she should take anything you have to say to heart considering how cowardly it was for you to post as anonymous.

    Even if you did post your name, your argument has no basis and is thus indefensible.

    Please don't make your blog 'friends only'... it makes me smile.

  4. one day, julie ross, you will have the most amazing bakery, with the best equiptment, and you will make fabulous from scratch cupcakes. until that day, the box mixes are delicious, and the way you decorate your cupcakes, and the love you put into them makes them amazing. all of your friends know how amazing you are, and we all know you are doing this because you love baking cupcakes, not to turn a huge profit. dont let some anonymous baker put you down.
    i love you?


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