April 14, 2009

what a day!

yo cuties,

first off, let me just say - i am a hurtin' unit! i took an hour long spin class tonight after work, and it was a good workout, but it HURT to sit on that bike, ouchy!

work was really really busy today, which was nice because it went by fast but i was so friggin' tired. it was hard to go back to work after such an amazing long weekend.

i actually only have 2 more weeks left of work! it went by so fast this time, they may need me for one more week which i am cool with, but if not i have more than enough things to keep my busy in the next few weeks! april and may especially are crazy months for me, there is so much going on.

i'm pretty stoked that tomorrow is already wednesday! friday i am goin' for dinner and to a movie with my girl currie (hello my love, if you're reading this!) i think we're going to see "sunshine cleaning" butttt i also really want to see "17 again" - of course i do! saturday or sunday i am going to go downtown and just wander & shop around a bit, i haven't been downtown in a long while, i am thinking i will just call up a couple friends and meet up with sweet people. also, it's supposed to be 18+ on saturday, ooh love! if it's sunny, then PATIO time it is. i need to get a couple things for petey's birthday gift too, i already got him his big gift, and it's amazingggggg.<3 i think sunday i will relax (sunday's are so for relaxing) and get some crafts done, oh and study the chords that my babe left for me to learn!

my current to do list ;
♥ make lunch for tomorrow
♥ charge ipod
♥ make c.mac a mix cd
♥ prep the post office re: the missing package that never made it to pete's house
♥ nightly sit ups
♥ finish my book!

tomorrow is my last 11-7 shift (yesss!) and before work i have a 1-1 meeting about opening my own business! i just want to get more info/ advice so that i can someday open my own cupcake/party planning business or my own store! yeyeye :)

know what i really need to do? SCRAPBOOK. omfg. i have been slacking lately, and i have some unfinished ones that i really really want/need to finish.

i made a list a little while ago of 24 things i want to do before i'm 25! obviously some of them are silly little things because really there's not much time! so we'll see how many i get through, i've got through a few already!

me & my "lists" - ALSO i made a list of
- things i want to do this summer
- things i want to do while in bermuda
- things i want to do while in NEW YORK


know who is perfect?

my boyfriend! ♥

24 things to do before i'm 25 (i've got 4 months and 2 days!)
* in no particular order
1) send in a post secret.
2) get my license.
3) get another tattoo.
4) play guitar (well)
5) make an artical of clothing.
6) paint someone a picture
7) give sushi a(nother) try.
8) go to a dance class
9) play squash
10) have a martini night
11) go on a road trip anywhere,
12) make my own greeting cards (& send them to atleast 5 people)
13) do hot yoga.
14) send in a photo to jones soda.
15) take polaroids.
16) volunteer.
17) pull an all nighter.
18) go canoeing.
19) mow the lawn.
20) fix up the garden at my dad's grave.
21) have a hockey party
22) go to a TFC game.
23) make lasagna.
24) do the splits (lol)


2 of my favourite things together as one. buttons + cupcakes = love.

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  1. I know how you feel! After working out I just want to lie my tortured body and sleep the pain away hahaha :) Good luck with accomplishing your tasks! Oh, and those cupcakes looks really cute!


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