April 28, 2009

when life gives you lemons ...


work was good today, busy busy busy. i had an awesome workout after work today as well, i am starting to really turn up the heat on my workouts since i am going to be on the beach in less than a month. i've created my own little workout plan and am planning to stick to it 110%. i just can't wait to be tanned !!!

i spent the majority of my night cleaning and organizing my room/the spare room. i have a lot of projects planned for my time off and i can't wait to get crafty, because to be honest - i just haven't had the time lately.

i swear my life is always so so busy.

while looking through old photo's tonight, i found so many amazing old ones of my dad. he was honestly so handsome, i made a little something with old photo's of my mom and dad. keeping so many pictures of him around just feels so right, and seeing his smile in all the pictures just keeps so many memories of him fresh in my mind.

♥ ;


i adore this photo of my mom, i can just picture my dad taking it...and being so in love.



have i mentioned lately that i am the happiest girl alive and i have the sweetest boyfriend ever? i can't wait until i get to see him everyday, and do fun things like party in crew bar, go on adventures in new york and lay on the beach in bermuda. etc,etc.

my baby + the beach + sunshine + icecream = perfection.

omfg, look at these cuties! i got a new cupcake pan - that's for stars! ;

next time i'm going to put them on top of the cuppycakes :)

well, i am going to go shower, drink tea, and read my new amazing book.

ooh - and am i a huge nerd for loving american idol? they are all so good, minus matt. hahaha, what is that his name?


chocolate cupcakes with blue icing, made for an order i had last week:)

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  1. that photo of your mom is beautiful!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)