April 30, 2009

why does it always rain on me?

on a rainy day there's nothing i'd rather do than get into something cosy, have a huge mug of tea and light a scented candle and just relax - this is exactly what i'm doing right now. the only thing i need to make this perfect, is pete! ♥

i had a good day at work today, never a dull moment. i love the people i work with. they are amazing.

tomorrow is my last day! i am going to miss it, but i am really looking forward to having a few weeks off and then going on the ship. i am going back to work at the rec on july 6th (the day after i get home from the ship) so it will be a nice change of scenery, but i also look forward to going back in the summer time - because then i can workout again on my lunch or after work, and wear super cute summer dresses to work :)

this weekend = fun.

friday ; last day of work, lunch with my boss, pay day!!!, buying my new super cute bicycle, birthday dinner for grandma, and going downtown to the big stereo show.
saturday ; hanging with bubby, tfc game, breast cancer dance/dinner/fundraiser
sunday ; snuggles with my boy, baking cupcakes, steph's wedding shower
monday ; buffalo shopping trip with my bff!!!@@ (forever 21 and target here we come)


hahahhaa, i love it.


  1. I'm jealous of your cruise job! And that sketch is so cute.

  2. alright julie. i've just about had enough of your incredible life (kidding...i love reading about it. i just get jealous) jealous that you
    a) are you going away on a cruise AGAIN...for the 3785th time and i haven't been once
    b) warm weather, tans and swimming
    c) new york...bermuda...all the lovely places that you're going
    d) sanrio store (*sigh* one day...one day)
    e) shopping in the states. i haven't been to target since i was like 12 and it wasn't even that good then...soooo jealous. i wanna go!!
    f) basically all the travelling & shopping you get to do...to sum it up!!

    ps: you better still blog while you're away.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)