April 9, 2009

you guys are sweet.

hey friends!
first off, sorry i haven't written for a few days. i have just been so busy!

i just want to say a huge thank you ♥ to everyone who commented on my last post (of rage) - all of your nice and positive comments helped me realize it really doesn't matter what other (rude and not cool) people say. i had the most comments i ever had on that post! hahaha, so it was also nice to know that people do read this:)

i've had an alright week, i am just so glad it's over & i have 4 glorious days off! yeyeyeye. pete was planning to come here on wednesday but suprised me and came on tuesday, it really was a funny story, but the moral was i was BEYOND happy to see him, i just needed him to be here, and snuggle me and make me happy! and that's exactly what he has done ♥

last night my babe made me dinner, and i made 50 easter cupcakes! 30 of them went to city hall to sell for united way and the rest i brought in to work for everyone, a bit hit as usual, hehehe yay!

i am really pumped to sleep in tomorrow and just relax! i am having some friends over to play flip cup and beer pong and just catch up cause i haven't seen everyone in so long. i am going to prepare some snacks as usual, and of course some cuppycakes. with oreo's on top? mmm.

i've got about 3 more weeks of work and then i'll be off for 3 before i go on the ship which will be nice because i can get lots done and see people i haven't had the chance to see in a while. plus i am busy basically every weekend before we leave with all sorts of things such as ; visiting petey in st.catharines (for the last time...sad face!), a breast cancer fundraiser party for my friend's mom, wedding shower steph, jack & jill for jess and jose, wedding shower for lindsey, mother's day / my mom's birthday, and then the weekend before we go is may 2-4! & i think we're going up to the cabin for that, i hope so anyway. how nuts is that? busy busy busy.

my income tax is in! hooray:) my mom and i will go and pick it up next week. i really want to get that bicycle i have in mind!
i am SO tired right now, it's sad that i am excited to sleep, especially considering i could be out "partying" since i don't work tomorrow! blah, i'm kinda over it.
this was a boring post, i promise next week i will make up for the lack of updates from this week - & i will post some photo's if i ever get my camera back (ahhhhh!)

well i gotta go watch freaks & geeks and snuggle (yesssss)

EDIT :: hot as f*ck friday;

SID THE KID! ooooh my baby. not only is he the best player in the NHL but he is also so goddamn adorable. he has the cutest smile ever and it a true canadian boy! his dvd basically completes my life and he is just the sickest hockey player ever. love!


this is so pretty! i love it. what a neat idea, i could definitely do this and think it would be a great gift to bring to someone's house or as a house warming or something. aint that cute?


  1. so cute! i think you could bring something like that for one of the bazillion bridal baby birthday things that you are going to this month! lol. i'm glad you're having a good time and that's cute that pete surprised you! i wish you guys had of gone to the bear and firkin last night cause we ended up there after all (as you know cause i texted you)

    i would look on kijiji and craigslist for a cute old timey bike...you do want a cute vintage one right? that's the best place to look! i'm so excited cause i am getting my income tax back soon'ish and my dad told me how much i'm getting and after putting a little more monies onto my visa, i'll have almost all of my camera paid for that i want! yay for income tax ♥

  2. hahahaah yeah car, you are right i could bring something like that to one of the MANY showers i am going to, hehehehe! i know, i am sso bummed we didn't go and get to see you! i wanna see you soon. i am done at the end of april and then i have about 3 weeks before i go on the ship, so i am off during the week,and i know you don't get weekends off so i was thinking i could maybe come up one time?! yeyeye

    i will check those places for bikes although i already found one that i have in mind. don't you LOVE income tax? i am picking mine up next week but i am not sure how much, although i worked a lot more this year than last and i got a lot last year! awww i am so glad you are gonna get your camera, photoshoot??!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)