May 11, 2009

busy as a bumble bee :)

i have been so busy lately!
but it's great. i was off work last week, but it didn't even feel like it since i had so much stuff going on! time is totally flying by which is awesome, because me and pete are leaving for the ship in less than 2 weeks (i got my flight details!)

pete's birthday went wonderful! got him some sweet stuff (tfc jersey!) after he opened his gifts i asked him to check the mail, inside was an envelope with his name (and hearts) on it! inside were 2 tickets to the tfc game :) pete was so suprised, it was adorable. we headed downtown to pizza libretto mmm, & there my brothers + lindsey, and pete's brother bill were all there for a birthday dinner, it was great. after that we headed to the game with my brother - we had an awesome time!! they won, yeyye.

fresh cookies & cupcakes for my birthday boy.

us at the gameee.

friday i worked all day and night in preperation for lindsey's wedding shower - i worked on the party favours (treat bags), chocolate lollipops, cupcakes, prizes, decorations etc. it was fun, but a lot of work. pete's beyond amazing for putting up with me and my crazy life! hehe.


treat bag/shower gift

chocolate heart shaped lolli's, they turned out so cute!

the party tableee.

the wedding shower cuppycakes.

the bride to be / my future sister ♥

i had soooo much fun organizing the shower, i think everyone had a great time :) it was good to see so many people i don't get to see very often. - after the shower we all came back to our house where all the guys were hanging out, watching hockey, drinking beer and eating wings, obvs. we hungout with everyone here and then went to jess and jose's jack and jill, it was superrr fun!

ohhh! & while i was busy getting things ready during the day on saturday i came up in my room & found these ;

some super cute bright flowers, just because. best bf everrrr. sigh.

i have such a busy week to come! crazzzy. before i know it im going to be on a flight to NEW YORKKKKK. yeyeyyeye

my schedule for the week ;;
♥ tomorrow - going downtown and meeting my boy for a date in toronto! we're going out for lunch and then going shopping on queen west & yonge.
♥ wednesday - it will be 7 years since my dad passed away on this day, wow. i'm going to go to his grave and bring his favourite flowers (blue orchids) and then hopefully go out to do something fun with friends.
♥ thursday - baking 24 cupcakes for matty during the day (for pick up on friday) then heading downtown, going out for dinner and drinks at the loose moose for matty's birthday - then 44 of us are going to the BLUE JAYS game, sweeeeet.
friday ♥ - going bridesmaid dress shopping for heather's wedding! (it's next feb, at an all inclusive resort!) carly, jenna, heather and i are going to look for dresses, the one she found is yellow, yay! then we're going for lunch and having a games night at heathers!
saturday ♥ - i think me and petey are headed to mississauga for one of his friends birthdays. woohoo.

that's as far as i can plan for now!


these are so sweet. some of my favourite things - also i love them because they remind me of carebears.<3

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  1. You did such an awesome job! The cupcakes are awesome! :) very sweet - wedding showers are not easy lol


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