May 10, 2009

i love my mom, today & everyday.

happy mother's day!

i have the most amazing mom in the world.
for more reasons that i can count or explain, but she is perfect!
i have always been very close with my mom, and our relationship is only growing with each year we grow together. she has always been beyond amazing to me and my brothers, and is constantly giving us so much love.
my mom has made losing my dad bearable, i don't know where i would be now without her - she lost her husband and love of over 30 years, but still managed to be an amazing mom to me and my brothers. she is a true example of what motherhood should be. when i think of someday being a mother, i worry because i don't know if i can compare to the momshe has been to me, she cares so much about all of us and would do absolutely anything for us - i can't explain how lucky i feel to have her.
she is so beautiful in so many ways. everyone loves her, she radiates happiness and is a true joy to be around. she is as cute as a button, and worries and excessive amount (but that's another reason why we love her so much), she's got the cutest laugh and the sweetest smile, and she is so gorgeous - she has aged so gracefully and i will be so lucky if i can look the way she does when i'm her age.
so today, and everyday mom - I LOVE YOU more than i could ever love anybody. you are the best mom in the world.

thank you, for everything you do.

(i balled my eyes while writing this)

i have had the most amazing week - more details and pictures coming soon!
love you guys,
happy sunday!!! :)


mother's day cupcake, of course!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)