May 5, 2009

there will be an answer, let it be!

omfg! what a GORGEOUS day. just perrrrrfect out :) i'm in such a good mood!

i had the BEST weekend ever i swear.
friday was my last day of work and the girls got me flowers (sooooo cute!) it was a good day, after work i got my new bicycle (that i am IN LOVE with!!!! such a funny experience buying it, i was bffs with everyone who worked there) after that we all went out for dinner for my gram's birthday and then they came back to our place. i spent the rest of the night relaxing and prepping for the weekend.

saturday petey came over! we watched the tfc game and some hockey and then had a bbq :) - and began drinking for the night ahead. we went to a breast cancer fundraiser for one of the ringette mom's kathie and it was amazing. we had so much fun! we danced the night away with an awesome live band and just drank and got merry! so good to see the ringette fam.

sunday we had a nice big breakfast, and then i made cuppycakes because it was my friend steph's wedding shower! i made buttercream icing and it was so yummy and went on SO nice, i am going to start using it from now on, i was loving it!!! the shower was super cute and fun, i had such a good time - afterward pete and i hungout and then went over to rita's for dinner and watched more hockey - duhhhh

yesterday morning i woke up early and then my bff came to get me at 8am and we headed to buffalo! we had so much fun, we always do! got lotssss of cute stuff - not as much as last time but still got cute stuff of course. bought some new stuff at forever 21 (my love) cute new dress, some tank tops and t-shirts for summer. hhhhm what else did i get? some new sunny's, new anchor necklace - cupcake pearls for my brother and lindsey's wedding cupcake cake! and then of course we hit up TARGET, i live for that store. the dollar section was all nautical stuff, i just about died! i got lots of cute dollar section stuff, scrapbook stuff, things for lindsey's wedding shower, some birthday gifts for pete, mother's day gifts. cuppycake stuff - i was i heavennnnn. after target we went to olive garden for dinner, yummy! & then our last stop was bath & body works! mmm. i got lots of pretty stuff - gifts for my mom and pete's mom for mother's day! we headed home around 5:30 and then went to watch the boys play hockey! quite a wonderful day.

now i am just organizing my cupcake supplies in a new bin i bought :) next i am going to wrap all of petey's birthday gifts because his birthday is TOMORROW ♥ - he is getting so spoiled! i am going to sit in my backyard and do that because it is SO nice outttttt. then i will go for a bike ride because i want any excuse to take that adorable bike for a spin! i'm going to the gym at 3 and then going to party packagers after my mom is off work to get stuff for lindsey's wedding shower this weekend, i am sooooo excited about it.

i feel like i have so much to look forward to lately - that is such a nice feeling!

ok i gtg BIKE RIDE - more later, with pictures!!!

stolen from ; :)

what is your current obsession? cupcakes, arts and crafts, parties!!!

what are you wearing now? rolling stones tee and blue shorts

do you nap a lot? not that often, on the ship yes. yc's need their naps on sea days.

what is on your desk? right now? a sharpie, 2 new pairs of sunglasses, a little gift i bought caramel, a pic of me & my 3 fags, my phone bill, my little twin stars drawer, photo of me and petey, cupcake stickers, my business cards, and tickets to jess and jose's jack & jill.

what would you like to learn to do? play guitar.

what’s for dinner? dinner? i'm not too sure yet, i need to focus on breakfast/lunch first.

what was the last thing you bought? a bunch of stuff from bath&body works ;)

what is your favorite weather? bermuda! - i love summer time so much, when it's not too too hot, but sunny. maybe aboout 30 degrees. i also love snow (but only at christmas time, duh!)

what is on your bedside table dressing table? phone, ceramic cupcake with jewellery inside, my book, alarm clock, lamp, big photo of my dad on his motorcycle, picture of me and my brothers, photobooth pics of me and petey, medicated lip balm, and scrapbook stickers that i bought yesterday at target.

what is your most challenging goal right now? working out and eating healthy - it always is. that and trying to plan out the next year of my life.

do you have a blog you read daily even when there are no updates? yes, a few atleast! cupcakes take the cake, icing, elsie's, carly's, my brother's footy blog, all things cupcake and all my followers and linked blogs.

what would you like to have in your hands right now? my income tax cheque.

what do you want but can’t have right this second? a fit body?

what languages can you speak? not enough. i really want to learn another

what language(s) do you want to be able to speak? french, dutch, spanish

what's one thing you're looking forward to? only one thing? lindsey's wedding shower!

what websites you visit constantly during the day? gmail, facebook, twitter (kinda), bloggy, beautiful mess, icing, cupcakes take the cake, all things cupcake, the score,

if you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the first thing you'd write? id probably doodle hearts (like always)


look at these cuties!!!


  1. Thank you for leaving a lil note on my blog :) you're too cute too! And I love love love your blog - it kept me busy at work for hours lolol but really I love all the cupcakes and cute things! I'm ready for a new post ;) Oh and I love your tutu you got awhile back!

  2. ooooooooh! i want to go shopping in the states so badly. i just have no way of getting there :( i definitely didn't take advantage of that when i was so close in st.catharines.

    i want to see bicycle photos!!!

    ps: a little gift for caramel? hey, that's me! hehe.

  3. I don't know you, but I found your blog through Carly and your posts & cupcakes are soooo cute! Love it love it love it.

  4. awwww, thanks becky! you're sweet. that tutu completes me!

    yesss car, you should have gone while you were away at school, it's soooo close! i gotta get my basket and lock soon soon! and yesss a gift for YOU.

    awwww thanks j.con! you're too sweet. i'm going to go check out your blog now! :)

  5. An alarm clock is a necessity in every household to keep us on time with our daily activities especially if you're always on the go.


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