June 6, 2009

i miss you!

blog update !!!

oh my goodness, i'm sorry for my lack of updates, but really there has been NO time!

my first week flew by so fast. the days are long, but the weeks are fast. before i know it i will be back home again - it's bittersweet because i really want to be home for summer, and see all my friends and do cute summer-time things & work on all of my arts and crafts and such, also ...my brother and lindsey's wedding! which i am beyond excited about. lovelovelove ♥

this week has been really good so far. sunday kinda sucked though, we had to wake up at 7am to do immagration in new york and it took 3 hours! so pete and i couldn't get off the ship (bummmmer) well i quickly went to the pharmacy to get some things and got to call my mom which was nice.

pete and i were on 6-12's this week so that was nice, but we pretty much had opposite schedules

fun things we did this week ;

dinner with me, pops, bee and kitten (yummmmy!)
drinks at dazzles & mike's birthday at crew bar
horseshoe bay (best beach in the world) with pops, dixie, meow and bee! such an amazing day
beer pong at crew bar, party at snorkel park!
tanning and snorkel park while listening to awesome live music
dinner date at the asian restaurant with my boy
cruise staff party at dazzles two (free booze!!!)
night off on friday, show with alligator and crocs, and then dinner & cb
today was good but a long and rocky sea day. i was off at 8 so i went to the gym but it was hard to work out because the ship was rocking soooo much but i managed to get a lot done and i feel great. now i am relaxing and listening to tunes before going to our end of week meeting upstairs.

tomorrow i am going to be the happiest girl ALIVE - me and my baby are spending the day in NEW YORK together - ahhhh!!! we have a fun list of places we want to go -to name a few ; sanrio store!!!!, toys r us, billabong/quiksilver store, FOREVER 21, h&m, record store, mayyybe a cupcake shoppe if we have time and lunch too! yeyeye time square i love you.

life is good, sorry i can't update much, i really am soooo busy here - 2 weeks have gone by and my tan is coming along nicely, having a good time for sure :)

i miss you guys!!!

i was going to post pictures but it takes wayyyy too long, and i am paying for my internet, brutes


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