July 19, 2009

ABC fun ! :)

geesh, where have i been?

okay, so i got this idea from one of my favourite bloggers *gala darling*

alphabet of things i loveeee/likeeee :) *

A - All you need is love! (the song & just the words to live by!) - this is going to be my next tattoo ♥

B - Brothers!!! ; i have the greatest big brothers in the world & they mean the world to me :)

C - CUPCAKES, duh!

D - Disney! oh my, i love disney movies & characters and really anything disney related. so much! minnie mouse is my favourite girl. & i hope someday my boy will go to disney world with meeee, hehehe :)

E - Entourage! ; ok, call me a huge jock. but i LOVE this show, i honestly didn't think i would really like it, but it's amazing. so funny & i love all the characters. i just bought season 5 :)

F- Flinstones! one of my favourite tv family's of all time. they are just too cute ; i have always loved this show & especially loved when they used to have all flinstones stuff at wonderland.

G - Grandpa! - i love my whole entire family so much, obvs. but i've always had such a soft spot for my grandpa, he's just the sweetest, kindest man in the world & i love him sooo much.

H - Hearts! - i love doodling hearts, i love putting hearts everywhere, i love them on clothing, accessories, purses, everywhere. i just love...love & hearts!♥

I - Icecream sundaes! - yummy, who doesn't love them? i am having a sundae party for my birthday this year (which happens to fall on a sunday) how fun eh?

J - Jack Johnson! - i love this man so much. he has the most beautiful voice and he sings about the most beautiful things. if i am ever feeling down, i listen to jack and i am happy again.

K - Kissing! - oooh, who doesn't love it?

L - Letters! (& love letters) - i la la love snail mail, i love sending and recieving letters. what a great feeling!

M - Mittens! cutest things in the world. they remind me of my grandma ross, she made the best ones. also they are so wintery and christmasy. i like them best on strings

N - Netherlands - i have so many cool friends that are from there, i wanna go so bad.

O - Ornaments! christmas ones to be exact. i loveee getting new ones as gifts and starting my own collection. each one has a special story or memory. they are so beautiful.

P - Peter Pan! & my peter - i love that story...NEVER GROW UP. & i love my bf too (also pete..r)

Q - Qt pies!

R - Robert Munsch - he writes the greatest children's books, such an inspiration <333

S - Sailing! - i love sailing, such a great feeling. & i like anything nautical too! including sailors.

T - Tea Time! - i lovelovelove tea. nothing more calming then a nice big tea in one of my giant cupcake mugs. it's just the sweetest thing. green is my favourite, but i love earl grey too. *& so many other kinds.

U - Umbrellas! - i love getting in my rain gear (rain boots, coat & of course...umbrella) i like having bright ones, with polka dots, or hello kitty or something along those lines :)

V - Violet(s) - my grandma, one of my favourite names, and the lovely flower.

W - Wonder Years! - one of my all time favourite shows! BEST everrrrr.

X - Xxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

Y - You! - i love that people actually read my blog, it's quite shocking actually.

Z - Zed! i like that we say "zed" not "zee"


  1. I loooooove Entourage too. I've been obsessed since the start. <3

  2. eeeek! i loveeee it. i can't wait to see the rest of season 5, i gotta wait for my bf though! hehe :)xo

  3. You are welcome to stay with me in the NETHERLANDS!! :) But you already knew that.

  4. we pretty much love all the same things

  5. The wonderer years!!! Oh man I always thought the dad was such a grump! I love your ABC selections! Very cute!

  6. The Wonder Years ROCKED!! I loved that show SO much!!


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