July 8, 2009

don't just think, do.

i want to go here, really, really, really bad. (amsterdam, netherlands) i want to go visit all of my awesome dutch friends that i met on my internship back in '05, especially my dutch bff sjarde.

speaking of wanting to do things.

here are some things i want to do/accomplish in the near future ;

watch old audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe, james dean movies
paint hangers
get pictures developed off memory card
cupcake supplies from cosco
SCRAPBOOK (finish star, start on the dawn)
start memory book of dad, and pete
finish writing speech for joe & linds
get a basket/ lock for bike
buy new rollerblades
find pics of new hair cut and colour
pay student loan
update cupcakes made with love blog
make cupcake recipe from cook book(s)
cupcakes for this thursday
party packagers - cupcake boxes, bachelorette stuff
find my polaroid polaroid camera / buy a new one
go value villaging& garage saling
go to travel agent re: thailand and holland
email sjarde
get my new tattoo
look into driving school
practice driving
hangouts with sarah and jay
try cap'n crunch drink from starbucks
make fancy drinks by the pool
change phone bill
clean out my closet, dresser, and storage units
finish reading my book
watch entourage season 5
watch gossip girl season 2,
send customs survey
update both calenders
go to summer movies : funny people, my sister's keeper, the hangover, paper heart! , up, year one, 500 days of summer, toy story 3, julie & julia etc.
get i love you man, and adventureland on dvd
read 19 minutes from library
find an old type writer
play nightmare
buy more children's books
plan my 25th birthday party
organize scrapbook stuff
decorate apron +++


some cuppy's i made for my friends wedding shower. i lovvvve this colour.


  1. soooo a few things...
    + i really want to go to thailand as well
    + what's your new tattoo?
    + come to ptbo! we have a sweet village de value
    + new hair!! yay. i want some too...just, i change my mind too often
    + i think #1 should be planning your birthday party because i can come if i give 4 weeks notice at work...so plan asap so i can be there :)

    and um, i wish i was somewhere in your list of things to do...now like, to DO me...but to hang out! next time i'm home or um, if you ever want to visit...please!

    i miss you

  2. hahah omg nightmare! that game used to scare the shit out of me as a kid

  3. carly ;

    yesss thailand, pete and i are planning on going in october! my uncle lives there so we can stay with him!

    new tattoo, well i am getting 2. an anchor on my pelvis, and all you need is love on my ribs!

    & yes new hair, i haven't got my hair cut or dyed since october!

    i knowww, i wanna plan a party but to be honest i might not have one this year, summer birthdays are so hard to plan, all my friends are away at their cottages every weekend so barely anyone can ever come and it sucks!!!

    i would LOVE to come visit you. we should set a date in the very near future. i miss that value village, i used to always go there!

    meagan ;
    i'm glad atleast someone remembers that game! it was so funny, and really quite scary too. i bought it as value village for $2!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)