July 6, 2009

home sweet home.

oh my goodness, it feels so good to be home.

i had an amazing time on the ship, there are so many memories, great times & adventures to talk about, and i will be blogging about them all in the next few weeks.

it kinda sucked because my last 3 weeks, it was like...hurricane season in bermuda. so insane storms and really high winds, and one really rocky ship! the whole summer last summer was perrrfect, so that part was a bit sad. however, we most definitely made the most of it. i must admit, i am so so so glad me & pete went together. it was so wonderful to have someone you love with you there, to snuggle you or cheer you up when you have a bad day or feel home sick. we got through everything together, and it was perfect. // now i feel spoiled because for almost 2 months i got to see my boy everyday, & now i have to go 2 whole weeks without seeing him & even talking to him :( (we'll always have our facebook messages though) thank goodness.

i am beyond exhausted from the ship, i know it seems like a vacation but it was so much work. we work 50-60 hours a week, and long days especially when we're at sea. some days we work 11 or 12 hours, and it was just so exhausting having to constantly entertain such large numbers of kids at once, just draining.

i got back from new york (gosh i'm going to miss that place) around 3pm. i was home in pickering by about 4:30 & it just happened to be really nice out on sunday so i spent my first few hours at home on my deck by my pool, i was so waiting for that. i had a wonderful home cooked meal, and then a nice long shower in a clean and BIG shower, not to mention the most amazing sleep in my huge, cosy and king size bed. (love!)

i started work today (already, i know) i haven't had a day off in almost 2 months, well yesterday doesn't really count since i was up at 6:00 to debark the ship and fly home.

i am working 3 days a week at the rec for the month of july, and then back to full time mon-fri 8:30-4:30 for august and september. it was so busy today, but soooo nice to be back!

tomorrow i am off (yeyeyyee) and i have a lottttt to do! also, i start BOOT CAMP !!! at my gym. it's 8 weeks long, twice a week, but i am going to be fiiiiit, well i plan to anyway.

i have SO many pictures from the ship, i will be posting some here & there, and on my facebook in the next while.

one of my favourite places ever elbow beach, bermuda.

tall ships race around the atlantic ocean. ships from all around the world. (best.day.ever)

my little sweetpea. favourite little lamb of all time!

our breakfast spot in ny <3

okay, that's all for now. i love sleep - i'll post more tomorrow!

cupcake of the day1!!!!♥

cupcakes i baked for my bffs birthday. cherry chip with butter cream icing, & poprocks & cotton candy

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