July 13, 2009

just beat it!

hey friends / fellow blogettes!

honestly, my mind is constantly over flowing with ideas & i love it!

had a good day at work, brought everyone in some freshly baked pecan tarts that i bought from a little farmer's market on the way home from the cottage (to get over the fact it was monday).

i have decided to do something new, fun & meaningful.
i have so many amazing friends, but a lot of them i don't get to see very often (& it totally sucks)
so, i have made a list of 10 really great people that i haven't seen in a while, & i am going get a hold of them, make plans, and then hang out with them! i'm going to try and cross everyone off by the end of the summer! isn't that fun? it's selfish really, because i'm really getting a lot out of it, but it's a good way to see amazing friends i don't get to see enough!

my list (for now) ;;

1. miss carly rutledge.
2. chantal.
3. mikey
4. ashley g
5. ashleigh b.
6. bodan
7. vanessa
8. bill (pete's bro!)
9. tara
10. eric

yeyeye, this is exciting.
i love friends!

know what else i love?
& he'll be home in less than a week. - this isn't the longest we've gone without seeing eachother, but the longest without talking on the phone/texting etc. i miss him so much, it's just silly.

look at him! cutest. at a adorable little bagel shop in ny.

also - a couple months ago i made a list of 24 things to do before i'm 25
i realize i only have a month left and i can't do them all but i'm going to try and do as many as i can in the next month!
i've got an even longer to do list for the next while anyway!
24 things to do before i'm 25
the ones with a star beside it are ones i think i'll actually get done before august 16th. crossed out are the ones i completed.

1.send in a post secret
2. get my license
3. get another tattoo *
4. play guitar (well)
5. make a piece of clothing
6. paint someone a picture *
7. give sushi a(nother) try
8. go to a dance class
9. play squash *
10. have a martini night *
11. go on a roadtrip (anywhere
12. make my own greeting cards (& give them to atleast 5 people) *
13. do hot yoga
14. send in a photo to jones soda
15. take polaroids *
16. volunteer
17. pull an all nighter *
18. go canoeing
19. mow the lawn *
20. make a garden at my dad's grave
21. have a hockey party
22. go to a TFC game
23. make lasagna*
24. do the splits (lol)

fun, eh?

i had a good day today. nice day at work, and then went and got a basket and lock for my bikeeee :)

i hungout with peter too! we ate some mango & strawberry pie and chatted. then we went for a bike ride, and saw richie playing tennis so we watched that for a while, swang on the swings, ate cherries, rode more & then called it a night.

tomorrow = work, then boot camp, then possibly hangouts with richie and peter.

but for now, i will go read my book.
goodnight all!

cupcake of the day ;;

cupcake wedding cakeeee. i'm in the spirit since i'm making one soooo soon :)


  1. :) I love your lists - I have to make lists of the lists i have lol - choas lol Your pictures are great! You have a really great smile!

  2. it's tonight that you're hanging with richie and peter, i will be at home...call me when you're done work!!

    ps: i was VERY happy to be #1 on that list ♥


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