July 23, 2009

rainy day snuggles.

i want a really cute houseeeee :)

omfgggg, please get me this. i so want a 1950's kitchen

oooh, i also really like this, a lotttt.

i would so get adorable salt & pepper shakers.

& this bed spread. awwwww.

today is my day off ! & petey is hereeee. it's pouring rain so we are going to have a relaxing/wonderful day.
i have been SO busy lately - between work, seeing my babe, baking cupcakes, boot camp & my bro's wedding <3

monday i headed to oakville because pete found out when he got home on sunday that his nana passed away :( - so after work i took the go train there to suprise him and his mom with flowers. we hungout a bit, then chilled with pete's friends, got dq.. & had a nice cosy sleep. tuesday we went out for a bit and then i took the train home - went straight to boot camp & then had a cupcake order of 40 !!!

yesterday i worked until 4:30, then petey came over! we had a nice dinner with the fam, went to janine's for a bit with sarah and just hungout. i slept in today for the first time in a while, and was woken up by an adorable boy with a giant cup of green tea in my cupcake mug :) - i made us a yummy breakfast ; poached eggs, bacon and oj :)

now we are watching season 5 of entourage! & we have a list of things to do in the next few days!
i work tomorrow & then we are heading up to my bff tara's in kingston for the weekend! i haven't seen her or her baby katie in like 6 months (sad face) - the house is huge and right on the water, so i am praying for nice weather.

i am looking forward to spending time with pete, car & derek, and tara and her family.
it's going to be awesome.


mine mine mineeee. ooooh

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