July 12, 2009


i honestly had the most amazing weekend ever.
more details & pictures tomorrow!

& i just finished such a wonderful book julie & julia

hopefully i will love the movie too, especially since my sister's keeper was an incredible book but a HORRIBLE movie. ugh.

anyway, i love this woman!

cupcake of the day ;

omfg, bf & gf reindeer cupcakes. friggin' adorbes!


  1. will you actually post photos please? you're kind of bad at that (no offense, tehe)

    also. my gramma has two little doll reindeers of those little guys exactly. they are my favourite and were my dads when he was little; she still has them.

  2. hahahahaha
    you're soooo right! i am brutal at it, & i aplogize!
    especially lately.
    i will be better carly, i promise!!!



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