August 6, 2009

busiest day ever.

work was so busy. i worked 7:30 - 4:30...
& now i am taking a rest, then heading to boot camp
and tonight i am going to shagwell's for a lil' going away shindig for jp ; he's going travelling for 9 months!
eric henry is going to be my date so i am stoked about that.

did i mention i love cute things?
just like, everything cute.
it makes me happy.

that's my girl. love her.

katy perry (i'm in love) + plaid + bubbles

omg, i want em' all.

adorable. reminds me of my pal rich.

cutest everrrrr.

tea time, oh yes pleaseeeee.

these would be PERFECT for my icecream sundae party i'm having.

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  1. ooooh i love cute things too. that's why we are cutesy pals, duh! haha. i wish i could come to your party but i work the next day at 8am so that doesn't really work out. bummer. but lets hang soon okay? and keep being penpals, of course.
    ps: i can't see the cupcake of the day??


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