August 27, 2009

calm night.

i'm currently sitting in my living room with my mom, drinking a tea and watching the family stone.
(i know it's a christmas movie, but it's so good)

today was a good day at work, went to grandma & grandpa's for lunch - they're so cute. after work i went to the travel agent and booked our flights from bangok to chiang mai (such a good deal!), and then i headed to boot camp ; it was our last class! we made it through. my plan is to try and lose 10 pounds before we go away.

today is a very SPECIAL today! :) it's my sister lindsey's birthday! (well, sister-in-law ..but i don't like that term that much)

lindsey is beautiful, and sweet and has such a big heart. i could not of picked a better match for my big brother, and i am so thankful that they've decided to share their lives together. lindsey is my first&only sister and i am beyond excited to be able to call her that. she's so talented and creative and she totally inspires me! linds, if you're reading this - love you :)

tomorrow i am leaving work a bit early & heading downtown, and then pete and i are taking the via rail to london, i am sooooo excited for this weekend. i get to see pete and spend time with him which makes me so happy because i miss him a lot right now, and spend time with his amazing family who i've grown to adore so much.

i still really wanna see paper heart!;

& so many other movies right now, and coming out soon.
time traveller's wife, julie & julia, extract, where the wild things are, love happens, funny people, whip it


i'm a total movie geek, i honestly love going to the movies.

i gotta go finish packing.



donut cupcakes! i think my sis would like these because she's a donut fan. so adorable & they look so yummy.


  1. i loovve going to the movies. my manmate kinda gets mad at me because that's all i ever suggest to do :).

    and, the family stone is a wonderful, wonderful movie.

  2. OMG, donut cupcakes! That is the closes thing to heaven:)

  3. omg going to the movies is the best ever, i love the previews too! i just applied for a scene card online, so i can earn points when i go to the movies and then get free ones! & yesss, family stone is love.

    i know!! donut cupcakes? i need some NOW!

  4. i wanna see paper heart too! and donut cupcakes?? who knew!


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