August 17, 2009

cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes!

hey friends!

here is my first post as a 25 year old!
wild eh?

& this post is lonnnnng over due

the making of 140 wedding cupcakes; by julie ross christmas (cupcake) ;;

the thursday night before the wedding i started the process,
i started making the buttercream icing that night, i made 4 batches, each one a different colour.
colours were ; coral, pink, light purple, & purple/bluey.

friday around 7pm i started the mission, and i had my boyfriend & bff by my side!
they were both SUCH a huge help, it made such a difference

the process of baking them went over way smoother than anticipated i must admit.

gearing up for the big mission.

the cupcake transporter blair built, awesome.

vanilla cuppy's

working hard in the kitchen!

me & my bff working away

so far so good i'd say.

cupcake kisses

slowly filling up the cupcake tower

pouring the mini cuppy's

the oven was getting so hot!

one colour down, 3 to go!

dishes = worst part for sure!

pete saves the day by cleaning out the icing tip

some of the purple cupcakes

buttercream icing

joe and linds <3 scrabble toppers

packing them up!

the mini's

the finished product!

overall i think they went over well! considering i'm not a professional or anything, i must say they turned out great!
joe and lindsey loved them & that's the main thing (& everyone else seemed to as well!)
so many of them got eaten, the ones that were left i boxed up and gave people to take home!



  1. Beautiful! I think you did a fantastic job, they look really good! (lol to the dishes part)

  2. You're insane!!! I'm so impressed :) geez! They look amazing!


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