August 24, 2009

happy monday.

today was a good day, well no that falls under "good"

i worked 11-7 today, so i got to sleep until 9:00 which was nice. i rode my bike to work, i love it! work was good, i honestly love everyone i work with and all the people who come in to work out everyday, i have like 50 bff's that come in, just random people of all ages! it's really cool.

i didn't do anything fun or exciting tonight, but i got some things done which was really nice, because i really haven't had time to do anything. cleaned my bathtub, sink & whole washroom, did some laundry, cleaned up//organized a bit. sweet!

i've got some fun things to look forward to in the next while :)
♥ going to london this weekend to visit pete's cousins & their kids (i adore them all)
♥ making a scrapbook all about my dad, i am finally ready to do it & i can't wait.
♥ sending lots of snail mail love to some really awesome people
♥ FALL, oh my god. autumn, i love you.
♥ some fun & exciting cupcake orders coming up!
♥ learning to use my new sewing machine
♥ thailand!!! DUH.

have i ever mentioned how much i love minnie mouse she's my favourite.
i really wanna go to disney world (pretttty please pete!) hehehe.
oh LOOK! 2 of my favourite girls ;

so when we fly to thailand we fly to tokyo first and have a 5 hour lay over, so i am hoping to pick up some super cute hello kitty nik naks at the airport, because i imagine they'll be everywhere

so cuuuuute :)

well, i have to go fold my laundry and read my amazing book, LOVE.

hope everyone is having a happy monday. :]


tv dinner cupcakes! haha, amazing. honestly...there's a cupcake for everyone and everything. LOVE


  1. Oh my, so jealous you get to go to Tokyo. It's my dream to go there one day.

    Minnie and Katy Perry, 2 of my favorite girls too haha

    Your blog is really cute and so are you ♥

  2. have I ever mentioned how much I envy your awesomeness?
    because I do :]
    those cupcakes are fantastic!
    katy and minnie are too cute, love that picture!

  3. layover in tokyo???? oh i'm SUPER jealous. cheap hello kitty stuff? BEST!!!!

  4. betty - omg i know! i'm so excited. you're SO adorable!

    & miss indie - you're the most awesome, called it! cupcakes! minnie! katy! LOVE.

    carlykins - ahhh, i know. don't worry i will be thinking of you when i buy cute little HK things.


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