August 8, 2009

ok, ok - blue jays, blue jays

why am i up at 9:00am on my day off?

i can't seem to sleep in like i used to which i suppose is a good thing.
last night was such a chill night for me, but i loved it.
i caught up on a few things i needed to do (still catching up though), watched nick & norah's, listened to the 500 days of summer soundtrack (i'm obsessed), cleaned up, watched some of the breakfast club, talked to my man, and hit the hay early.

i was also bored so i took so photo's, i haven't done that in so long!

i gotta go get ready now, i'm taking the train downtown to meet up with pete & then we're meeting up with his brother and going to the jays game! it's a special 92/93 reunion weekend, siiiiick! after the game we're going to bill's (pete's bros) for a BBQ/party, then hittin' the bar.


i typed in "blue jays cupcake" into google, and got these cute lil birdy cupcakes, how adorable

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  1. aw, you're adorable jujubes.
    have fun today/tonight!!
    love you.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)