September 1, 2009

cinnamon peacan swirl.

mmm! i am burning the prettiest smelling candle, everrrr.
it's so autumn, with a hint of christmas (now that is a perfect combo)

yesterday at work, someone told me i look like vanessa hudgens. totally random because i don't see it, but a compliment because she's pretty and super skinny.

work was fine today..nothing too exciting. worked 11-7 and now i am just cleaning out my room. which is something i am always doing it seems. blah. i dyed my hair last night, nothing too different but all the light pieces are red and the base is a deep red, i am liking it for fall. & i am planning on getting some blunt sexy bangs soon courtesy of fab.

i'm about to watch garden state. i love that movie and i haven't seen it for so long.

and last night, i watched the movie milk. i've wanted to see it for so long and i'm so glad i finally did. it was such a beautiful and powerful movie.

harvey milk. what a hero.

hope everyone had a happy tuesday.

cupcake of the day ♥ ;

cuppycakes are love


  1. i've been wanting to see that movie so bad!

    and i'm sure your hair looks gorgeous :).

  2. rent it! you will not be disappointed.
    aw, why thank you lovely xo

  3. oooh yummy yummy cupcakes! and your hair sounds awesome.


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