September 16, 2009

hockey night tonight!

happy wednesday! we're half way there.

today was a wonderful day at work!
went to the gym after work and just painted my nails a sexy coral colour.
& now i am doing something that i have waited 5 months to do - watch hockey LOVE!
i am beyond happy that hockey is back, i love this sport A LOT. leafs ♥

things to look forward to in the next few days ;;
+ farmer's market tomorrow! & practicing driving.
+ baking cupcakes tomorrow night
+ staff BBQ at work on friday.
+ dinner party with the loves of my life on firday night
+ grand opening party @ work on saturday (6 day work week sucks though)
+ baby sofie's 1st birthday on saturday // partying with the fam.
+ sunday lunch & shopping date in toronto with the coolest girl alive, ash! yeyeye

& that's just this weekend!

my body hurts from the gym, ahhh. but it's a good hurt.
my friend ash got her package in the mail today & loved it so much, so that makes me happy.
and i have so many new followers & blog friends, which is amazzzing.
feel free to say hiii :]

i'm going to watch my leafs and catch up on some of my to-do's!
hope you all had a good day!


the only thing i love more than cupcakes, is love <3

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