September 25, 2009

i effing love today.

today has been just splendid so far!
i got to sleep in, and the best part of that was, that such a cold breeze was coming through the window. autumn! finally? i hope it's here to stay. i woke up, made myself a tea in my giant cupcake mug, had an english muffin with raspberry jam, and checked out my favourite blogs! miss indie's friday favourites are love.

tgif! i love having friday off, i am in the best mood ever right now! :) i'm planning on getting so much done today!
and today is 3 months 'till christmas (have my new bloggers noticed i am in love with christmas yet?)
and today is also, hot as f*ck friday!

my featured hottie of the day is ed westwick also known as CHUCK BASS!
mmm, i love chuck bass.

before i watched gossip girl, i thought he was pretty cute, but after falling in love with the show, i am now in love with him! such a babe, so mysterious! mmm, chuck bass!

i have 2 more episodes of GG season 2 left to watch today before i watch the new episode at 7pm! :)

so last night i snuggled up in my bed, listened to music and made some cute as heck polaroids! xxxxo
check em' out ;;
i've also got a bunch of my cupcakes, but i will post them later!


omg this is the cutest thing ever.


  1. i love your nerd alert polaroid--so cute!

  2. Come on who isn't a little obsessed with Chuck Bass? I mean he's "Chuck Bass" :)

    Great Polaroids so adorable the 'i'm yours'!

    Love all the cupcakes, getting hungry just staring at your sweet little backround! :)


  3. you're the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutest!!!!

  4. olivia, i agree...everyone needs a little chuck in their life! :)
    and thank youuuu.

    & carly - no youuu are xoxox


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