September 4, 2009

long weekend friday's are love.

do you guys know what day it is today?
no, not just any other friday ; it's hot as f*ck friday!
today's hottie is the ever so yummy & mysterious chace crawford. HELLO! ever since i got into gossip girl i fell in love with his adorableness! such a cutie pie, and the hottest style ever chace, thank you! for making girls swoon over you daily.

current loves of my life ;

♥ vests.
♥ english muffins with jam

♥ all my new blog friends, so cool!
♥ being in love :)
♥ jessica szhor

♥ slouchy toques
♥ gossip girrrrl.
♥ autumn & autumn fashion - hurry up

♥ bike rides
♥ a glass of wine after dinner.
♥ jodi picoult
♥ jones soda!

♥ snail mail
♥ cupcakes with filling inside

♥ party planning/planning parties.
♥ travelling. (this will always&forever be a love of my life)
♥ toronto. the city in general, i love it.
♥ re-usable shopping bags

just to name a few things.
i am currently baking 50 cupcakes :) - i've got an order for this weekend & i am baking extra for someone awesome.
once i am done all of these, i am going to relax, and watch season 2 of gossip girl. because so far, i am obvs in LOVE.

i will post pictures of these cupcakes, they're going to be super cute ones! with cream filling! yum.

happy long weekend friday everyoneeeee


omfg, how GORGEOUS are these?


  1. ooh, the middle cupcake in the last picture is my favorite.

  2. ahh my daily fix of cupcakes and chace...complete!

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  4. i'm like half way through reading the pact by jodi picoult, have you read it?

  5. chelseybell, i love that middle one too!

    & yes katherine, glad i could give you that!:)

    yes! JUST finished it last weekend. amazing book!!!

  6. 1. Isn't Jessica Szhor so much prettier outside of GG?
    2. I love the oreo cupcake!
    3. I think we are in love with a lot of the same things!

  7. omg hes so sexy lol . i love snail mail as well need a pen pal? lol


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