September 9, 2009

story of my life.

current to do list ;

- book travel insurance
- put down payment on mexico trip in february
- make appointment at travel clinic in torotno
- find a money tree
-pay phone bill
- make lunch for tomorrow
- find outfit for 70's themed jack & jill on saturday
- watch the rest of gossip girl season 2 *working on it now
- find new suitcase, that isn't too huge so i don't bring too much
- do laundry * working on it now
- go to the gym
- clean my room
-make photo copies of passport
- put freeze on my phone while in thailand
- get my bangs cut
- get website made for my cupcake business
- order more business cards
- finish & send snail mail packages
- work on scrapbook for my uncle al
- scrapbook in general
- email NCL
- track packages
- relax
- remind my boyfriend he's perfect

yesterday work was insane. every time i get stressed out, i just need to breathe and remember - things could be WAY worse, right? today wasn't quite as busy but still good. got some things at walmart on my lunch for the trip, and went driving with my mom after work. i need to get my license. i've had this fear of driving for so long, and i need to get over it. because dammit, i am julie ross, i can do it. my mom and i will be practicing atleast twice a week, plus any other days i can go with my friends too. i plan to hopefully take lessons once i get back from thailand - before i go back to work at the end of novemeber.

it's crazy to think that i am leaving in just over a month, and by the time i get back it's going to be just about christmas time! i plan on buying pretty much all of my christmas gifts for people in thailand, not only will they be cheap, but interesting, beautiful and unique. besides! i spend SOOO much money on christmas every year, it's so insane.

just got back from going for a walk with my mom, it's such a beautiful night. that's out thing - going for walks.

i need to spend some quality time with my book tonight, i am having a hard time getting into it...
tomorrow is my sleep in day! hooray, 9am!

happy wednesday kiddies,
tomorrow will be a good day!




  1. you're going to mexico in february?
    you would would.

    now i'm just getting mad.
    stop having a perfect life okay?

    kidding (sorta)

  2. hahaha, yeah! i am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding so this one's not my fault! don't be too jealous, i am going to be poor for the rest of my life now, hmphhhh!
    & miss you

  3. i don't have my license either and i too have been afraid!
    i have anxiety issues so i fear getting behind the wheel a wee bit, and i don't have anyone really to teach me for free, so it looks like i might have to take lessons.
    but you're right, we CAN do it. i'm glad i'm not the only one around my age who doesn't drive.

  4. ohmygoodness I am just learning how to drive now too! I have also been afraid! But I think now my desire to drive is greater than my fear :)

    The person above me is right, we can do it! Best wishes to you :)

  5. order business card from me :) cheap cheap cheap - serious! Ok at least you made your list and haven't lost it - I lost mine :( geez!!


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