September 28, 2009

why you so obsessed with meeeee

current loves of my life/obsessions.
there's always so many.

the cutest fucking couple of all time. zooey & ben :) dsafngibgb

i'm totes mgotes bsessed with these 3 boys.

i am in LOVE with this movie!

1950's retro kitchens! since i am prepping to move to toronto in the next 6 months, i am soooo picturing a lot of cute things to do with my future apartment.


i will always love kevin arnold and winnie cooper.

peppermint patty's are love.

cute stuff like this, that inspires me!

ooooh baby! is it ever back. such a great addition to autumn. mmm :)

you know how many CUTE AS EVER CUPCAKES i could bake in that oven?

that's just to name a few!
i'm going to go now...
but i am OFF tomorrow, yeyeyeye.
so lot's of blogging to come!



  1. I love EVERYTHING about 500 Days of Summer!!!! Such a good movie, one of the best I've seen in a while. Zooey's wardrobe is to die for! And how cute is Joseph Gordon Levitt?

  2. great list!!!

    what's better than kevin and winnie??? i mean c'mon! ;)

  3. Who are those boys lol - I really don't know! But they are very handsome :)

    I love that oven! A cupcake creator like yourself needs that!!! -For real!

  4. meagan - i'm honestly IN LOVE with everything to do with that movie. and YES, he is way cute. he has amazing style too. my goodness.

    haha yes melanye, i am glad someone agrees :)

    becky!!! they are the boys from gossip girl! you gotta watch that show, it's so good, and they are SOSO cute


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)