October 3, 2009

the flinstones = amazing.

happy saturday loves!
i la la la loved sleeping in today - it was wonderful.

guess what i'm doing?!
watching who's the boss, eating an english muffin with jam, and drinking my morning cup of tea. ♥

i'm super excited about today/tonight!
everyone's talking about it ;

tonight is nuit blanche - it's an amazing thing that takes over the city of toronto! art art art, everywhere! the streets are closed down, cute trendy people, and people of all kinds, roam the streets all night long!. there's art exhibits all over the city and tons of really cool, interesting stuff put on by awesome people.

i'm taking the train downtown this afternoon and meeting up with my long last friend mikie, i haven't seen him in months and months!! i'm getting my nose re-pierced (yeyeyeyyeye) then we're doing dinner, wandering the streets of toronto. then i am meeting up with jordan at muchmusic because he has to shoot some footage of nuit blanche for them! midnight is well we will paint the town! xo

some cute stuff, because we all love it :) ;

some new buttons!

a page out of my scrapbook for my bubby! he's so cutttte.

some of the stuff i got for the kids at the orphanage in thailand.

my sweet piggy bank! had over $115! sweeeeet deal.

well, i must go prepare for this wonderful day/night.
what to wear, what to wear!
it's so rainy out, so maybe my rain boots!



awwwwWWWWWWWWwwwww. i saw this on my favourite cupcake blog "cupcakes take the cake". i thought it was the cutest thing of all time, obvs.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)