October 10, 2009



it's such a beautiful autumn day! it just feels and smells like thanksgiving, i love that!
i'm currently listening to metric, and burning my yummy cinnamon pecan swirl candle.

i'm just taking a break from cleaning up my house, because we're having a family day today!
me, my mom, blair, my brothers, my sis!, petey, my favourite aunt & uncle and my cousins are all coming over. it's ross family day and i am so excited because they are the best people ever. & then i get to see the rest of my family tomorrow.
& tomorrow i will do a thanksgiving post :)

i want to do some baking today, but i'm not sure if i'll have time!
here are the cookies i made for my man on monday - cute eh?

hahaha, i am such a geek.

congrats to my good cute pal carly, she's getting a cute new apartment on the first of the best month ever. maybe i will actually make it there to visit her soon?!

i'm getting to the point where i feel like i am forgetting things for my trip, i got a lot done yesterday and still have a few days to get organized. it will be better once pete gets here so we can go everything together! we're going to play a game on the plane - 100 questions about your bf/gf! we're each going to come up with 50 questions, to make a 100 - and then we're going to write our own answers, and the answers we think the other got, and see how we do! hopefully it's not really bad, and then we'll have to cancel the trip. hahaha!



  1. happy saturday! those cookies are so freakin' cute!

  2. Love Metric! & those cookies rock!

  3. SOOO CUTE! I made my boyfriend cupcakes one time, and put hearts on them in m&m's. I'm not pro like you are, though. Isn't it fun to spoil the one you love?!

    PS. I love the game idea... I'd love to do that w/ my boy sometime. What kind of questions?

  4. awww thanks julie!!
    trust me, when you see photos, you will want to come and visit! and we will have a nice new futon by that point too ♥


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